Monday, September 30, 2013

good news...bad news...???
tayler...don´t die...

so here´s the situation...president had the mission secretary call me this week to ask why i was going home early. i told him that it was the date that was assigned to me. he said that there must have been an error because it´s almost a whole transfer early and said that if i wanted to, i could stay until december 17th. one more transfer.

i wanted to talk to you guys about it because i don´t really know the plans for the indiana trip. i really would like to stay and finish my mission right. i feel like if i went home a transfer early i wouldn´t be putting in the full 18 months that i promised the Lord. but i would also like to know what you all think. 

i am also thinking that coming home in december wouldn´t change very much and it might actually be better. i´ll get home after the semester, and be able to find an apartment more easily, get working and apply for school right away. it might be better than having two months of nothing to do waiting for everyone to finish school for the semester. 

it looks like no one is answering all must be busy! but i need an answer asap because my flight is already ready for the 5th of november and the elders need to know if they need to transfer the flight or not. i don´t know if you have the information to call the mission office but it would be nice if you called and talked to elder ruesch to let him know if i can stay. 

sorry if this is bad news for you guys or not...but write back/call the office asap to let me know what i should do!!

love you all. 

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