Monday, September 23, 2013

well...this is the first week of my last transfer. Sister Anacreto and I will stay here in Rio Tavares to finish her training. i´m super happy because we are finally seeing some progress here!! i am loving the mission more the ever and i´m starting the feel the bittersweetness as it all winds down.

we made a sweet contact on the bus this week. we caught a bus to the center of florianópolis and it always has a ton of people going to and from work. it´s actually one of those buses that is two buses connected by an accordion looking thing. in the middle of the accordion thing there is a platform the spins when the bus turns. i told the sisters that it feels like disneyland, so now they always like to stand there and pretend that we´re on a ride at disneyland...haha small joys. anyway, we had the idea to make a contact in all of the languages that we speak. so we planned it all out and i started. i started making a normal bus contact, but in english. you should have seen the faces on that bus. every single person was staring at me like...WHAT? haha...usually when you start to yell the people look at you for like a second and then look away. but this time everyone was staring super hard. after i finished, Sister Leiva did the same thing but in Spanish. and when she was done Sister Nascimento said everything is Português. it was super cool and while i was passing out invites everyone was saying "thank you" haha it was so cute. 

we had a conference with President on wednesday. it was the best one i´ve been too so far. he talked a lot about the plan of salvation and the resurrection. sometimes we forget the big picture right? but like i learned in the MTC, this life isn´t about this life. we need to constantly remember the big picture and what we are working towards. the weirdest part of the conference was when i had to bear my testimony at the end. it was the last conference that i will have on the mission. i can only thank my Heavenly Father for the chance that i have to be here and learn all the things i´ve learned.  

this week we had a miracle. on wednesday night we had english class. a new guy was there named Giovani. super nice guy. after every english class we give a spiritual thought and invite the students to come to church or to recieve a book of mormon. this time Sister Anacreto asked if anyone would like a book of mormon in english. Giovani was the only one that said yes. we told him that we would bring him one on saturday, when we would have english class again. on saturday, it was raining SO hard. like an indiana rainstorm times 10. we got to the church, thinking no one would show...but boom. Giovani. soaking wet waiting for us. i taught him some english and afterward we starting talking about the gospel. we gave him a book of mormon in english and in português and talked about pretty much every aspect of the gospel. he was asking so many things. then he said that he had a question. he asked if we knew the scripture that talks about how we are created in God´s image. then he said that to him that means that we have the potential to become like God is. i was so impressed that he believed that. and we explained more about the priesthood, baptism and the holy ghost. he was so happy with the answers that we were able to give him. i know that the Lord has been preparing him and that he will hold the priesthood one day. one day soon. experiences like these is what makes the mission awesome.

love you all!

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