Monday, September 16, 2013

hey family...this week was crazy jam packed. we had a lot of work! and it warmed up...a lot. one day we were walking and i saw that the digital thermometer by the bus stop was saying 38 degrees celsius. and i was like...i don´t even know what that means...and i took out our cellphone to convert the degrees to fahrenheit and it was 100 degress...i was like...yeahh it´s hot. not to mention the 100% humidity. at least we live on the beach and there is always a nice breeze. but i really have learned to love the heat.

we got a new apartment this week...thank goodness. the mold was so bad in our other one that i´m pretty sure i was starting to grow cobwebbs of mold in my lungs. we got a moving truck and 3 old guys to help out with the move. it wasn´t that bad. i slept with the window open the first night at our new place...needless to say all the mosquitos in Brazil found me and had an all you can eat buffet. i woke up te next morning with swollen legs and it looked like i had the chicken pox!  so the next night i was wiser, i shut the window and just sweated to death.

yesterday irmã adriana made tacos for my request... :) i was literally crying while eating. it was soo yummy and reminded me so much of you guys. she even put everything in little separated bowls like mom does. AND she MADE sour cream!!! i´ve been having an inner battle the last few nights. i don´t know which emotion is stronger...missing you all the way i do or knowing how much i am going to miss the mission and all the amazing people and experiences i´ve had.

i love you all. pray for me. i think i´m gunna start going crazy.


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