Monday, September 9, 2013

hey guys. it´s monday. it´s sunny. it´s a happy day here in Florianópolis.

soo i had another action packed week....let´s see...

we were waiting at the bus stop one day after lunch and my comp starts going crazy...i´m like whatt?? and she´s like whale!! and we looked out at the ocean and saw free willy break dancing on the water! seriously. he was jumping around like a crazy person and we were so amazed! i don´t know whether to be impressed or freaked out by all the animal action that goes on under the sea. it´s like a whole other world down there.

we also had an awesome experience this week on our way to lunch. we headed off to a gated neighborhood to meet up with some members that live there. when we got there we passed the sercurity guard, waved and entered. after a few minutes we heard somebody call out to us and it was the security guard running to catch up with us. he asked if we were from a church. i thought he was going to kick us out or say that we couldn´t "preach" in the area. we told him that we were missionaries and he asked if we had something to read. we were all kind of like...what?? but he continued to say that he was really needing help. that he was going through some tough things in his life and wanted to seek God. he told us that he had been praying for help when we walked by. i taught him about the book of mormon and about the hope that the gospel of Christ can bring into our lives. he started to cry. it was a really powerful moment. it was 4 sister missionarys and this huge, black brasilian man all crying in the middle of the street. he lives in the area of the other sisters and they started teaching him and his wife this week. when we are prepared, miracles can happen everyday.

yesterday the teacher of gospel principles asked me to bear my testimony of missionary work. i can´t believe how important this work has become to me. i can´t believe the transformation that has gone on in my heart this past year and a half. my mind is clear and my perspective is so different than it was. i am so grateful for this opportunity. it really has changed me.

i love you all.
até mais :)

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