Monday, October 7, 2013

hey guys...when i got on i had 39 emails!! yahoo!! it´s so good to hear from you all and feel your love all the way down here in floripa! i´m glad that i have your support in staying just a little bit longer. i know it´s what i need to do. it was super hard to decide, but after the decision to stay i felt super relieved and now i know i will finish my mission right. this transfer didn´t feel like my last transfer. i know it´ll be right to head out in december.

soo right now it´s starting to be super summery and i am happy all the time! the beach is prettier, the water is clearer, and everyone has stopped hibernating. i missed the sun during winter. and it rained so much i wanted to die. but summer here in floripa means beach time. which people usually prefer over church time. we´ve met a lot of awesome people and we are talking to everyone and waiting for the miracles to happen. one thing i´ve learned on the mission is patience. 

i loved conference. especially elder d. todd christofferson´s charming know you´ve been on the mission too long when............haha

did you get my flight info?

ok sorry this is super short and rambly buuuut i had a lot to read and catch up on! next week will be better :)

oh p.s. i am getting a bed tomorrow!!! wahoo!! a real bed! i´ll send pics.

love you all!
myers forever!!


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