Monday, October 14, 2013

hey guys. yet another week has gone by and the weather is beautiful!! i am so happy that i am in such a pretty part of brasil and enjoying my life here. i´m super glad that i am near the ocean and there is a constant breeze. i remember last year´s chapecó it was so hot and humid with no breeze to air us out. poor nana... POOR NANA!! HOW ABOUT POOR FATHER!??

so this week was pretty interesting. on wednesday we found out that sister reynosa sprained her ankle and has to stay home recovering for ten days. so sister nascimento went to work with her comp and sister leiva joined sister anacreto and i and now we are a trio!! and the cutest little american/brasilian/argentina trio you have ever seen! they are both being me. it´s super fun. we are planning an activity for saturday. i´ll try to send pictures next week. it´s called "a trip to hawaii" ...indoor´s gunna be big! 

i thought i would get home without ugly tanlines...because they faded out during winter...but they are coming back...wah

conference was awesome right? i want to watch it in english when i get home. you miss a lot of the little jokes and catch phrases in translation. did i tell you that after conference an irmã made pancakes and peanut butter for me? people like me here. i think i was born in the wrong country. brasilians are so rad. they know how to make everything from scratch!

for english class i taught everyone how to sing "stand by me" i found a cd in the street and it has that song on it. so i taught the words and we danced and sang. everyone is happy that i will stay until december. i don´t know if it´s because they´ll get to learn more free english or it´s because they will miss me...but either way we are already planning an american goobye party. whatever you could send to help would be awesome! i already have so many friends to come back and visit. there is this baptist toker that always comes to english class. he lives in a little beach town called armação. he has a shop of indian handcrafts and it is so rad. i bought my feather earring there. i always tell him that i am going to come back and live in armação. we laugh because we know it´s not true. but if it were true i would be happy too. 

i wish you could all come live here with me for a week. brasil is a great place. the people are the funniest and everyone is so happy always. no one takes life too seriously. that is one thing i will miss. 

ok love you all.

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