Monday, November 4, 2013

hey the beginning of the end...again??

haha today i started my last transfer and it´s for real this time. i got a new comp. her name is sister cozzens and she is from virginia. she is super cool and has about 4 months on the mission. she is already speaking really well...i´m so amazed by how these people learn to speak português in 4 what??

anyway. i´m glad that the trip to indiana went well. it´s really starting to warm up here. i am trying to walk with an umbrella to avoid the missionary tanlines...but the wind here is vicious and doesn´t cooperate very well. 

we had an awesome week of work...we even had 4 investigators at church on sunday! it was a miracle! it was an awesome way to end the transfer with Sister Anacreto. she´s now serving in Bombinhas...a city nearby.

i am really adjusted to my life here in´s the prettiest place you have ever laid eyes on. 

best story of the week:
yesterday was fast and testimony meeting. our ward had a temple trip on friday and everyone was bearing their testimonies and the spirit was sooo strong...then one of the investigators that the other 2 sisters in our ward were teaching showed up...he is a strange little guy with 15 piercings in his face and always wears a black hoodie and a white face mask...anyway...he decided to bear his testimony. so he went up there and started telling some wild stories about how he got hit by a car and died and the nurses took him to the morg but then he resurrected and everyone started running away and he walked around the hospital without clothes.......................then he asked for everyone to find him at the end of the meeting and hug him because he was really needing it. i´m not kidding. i wish i were. needless to say our 4 investigators were loving it...not...but the best part about brasilians is that everyone really went up to him afterwards and hugged him. 

well...until next week
love you
to the moon and back

-sister myers  

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