Monday, October 28, 2013

hey family. first i just want to say that i love you all. i am glad to have the knowledge of the gospel as a family. it really eases the uncertainty that life can throw at us sometimes. i´m glad that we haven´t had to pass through a lot of experiences like these and now that we are, we can be glad that we have the answers. because i visit and meet and talk to a lot of people everyday that don´t.

faith is a funny thing. i think i have passed my whole mission studying about faith and i still can´t figure it out. faith in português is "fé." i think it´s a principle super complicated for just two little letters. sometimes i think i have a lot of faith. i don´t doubt anything that God could do. but then i find myself thinking "this investigator will never change" or "he will never go to church" orr "he will never read, he will never pray"...and where is the faith in that?

then i remember my primary days...

faith is like a little seed, if planted it will grow. 

faith is like a spiritual plant. it´s alive, it´s constantly growing and changing. and it won´t die unless we throw it out in the sun and FORGET about it. i think that as long as we are aware and worried about our faith, it will continue to grow strong. 

something i´ve heard a lot on my mission is..."i have a lot of faith" people love to tell me about their faith, but they usually don´t like to show it. but the miracle growth we can spray on our faith is ACTION. we have to act, to show God our faith and he will help it grow more than we ever thought was possbile.

love you all.
until next week.
myers forever.


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