Monday, November 11, 2013

so we had a cool pday today. we bought a few snacks and went to a fancy member´s neighborhood to play volleyball. well with four sister missionaries it was more like chase the ball after someone hits it into the road...but hey. it was still fun. 

this week was the absolute best. on wednesday we were teaching english class and one of our investigators showed up and said she wanted to talk to me. she asked me when she could be baptized. i about punch her out of pure joy. her name is ana and she is 14 years old. she has been going to church and seminary for like 3 months but her mom wouldn´t let her get baptized. and then like out of no where her mom changed her mind and she will be baptized on wednesday!! :)  wahoo! bummer that sister anacreto didn´t get the chance to be here for her baptism...but she´ll be so happy when i get the chance to tell her!

sister cozzens is the best. she is so funny. i die everyday in the street because of her. she is a huge blessing right now at the end of my mission. she is still learning the language and i am trying to help her, but when i try to explain words i can´t think of the words in english anymore and i end up getting frustrated. yesterday we were in sacrament meeting and she was like super agitated and i was like what´s wrong? and she like....i don´t understand anything...haha i laughed so hard because i remember being in that situation and thinking i will never learn this language and now it´s the most normal thing ever. the mission has been really good for me. i have learned so much.

i am determined to get home without a huge tanline on my chest so the other day i bought this half-turtleneck shirt thing. and i´ve been wearing it under all my shirts. i almost die of heat stroke everyday...but at least the tanline is fading. sister cozzens says it´s the ugliest thing she has ever seen. but i am not even worried about it. i also walk with an umbrella. it´s quite the sight to see. 

well i love you!! i hope you can live without me for 5 more weeks!
:) beijos.

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