Monday, May 27, 2013

this week has been interesting to say that least...last pday my eyes started acting funny and got all puffed up and starting producing a questionable´s been a week and i´m still using glasses and zero makeup. 

needless to say...i´m scaring the crap out of everyone.
sister winslow and i did our first division this week. it was with the sisters that live the farthest from us. the bus here and back is impossible. so you could say that we got here on friday and are still stuck here. living the dream. oh--and did i mention we all got food posioning last night and were all barfing and numbering 2ing our brains out...AND their apartment has one bathroom. just blessings on the mission people. just blessings. looks like we ate some bad meat yesterday at lunch and literally all 4 of us are suffering. were here at the lan house drinking sprite and eating crackers and trying not to barf while emailing...
sidenote...the sisters here in Imarui planned to do an exposition of the book of mormon and our mission has these banners that we all pass around to different areas. was our responsibility to bring these banners with us on the bus to pass along to these sisters...but when we got to the bus station they stored them off site and our bus was leaving in like 5 minutes and no one would help us. and like all of a sudden i went into psycho mode, because i did not want to miss our bus or get on the bus without those banners. so i starting sprinting around that bus station, ordering people around, crying, and let me tell you it was quite the site. but guess what?! i succeded! haha...this old man started helping us after no one else would and he got someone to go get the banners and made the bus wait for us...which is impossible in brasil. buses never wait for anyone. and it all worked out fine!! i was so happy i even hugged that little old man!! and i didn´t even feel quilty!! he was like don´t cry anymore ok? haha...i think he got stressed out to see me crying so that what he started helping us. it´s so funny to me that i can speak another language well enough to have experiences like these.   

but other than that...the week was good! we met a new family with 4 people! they recieved the first lesson well and seriously have a desire to know the truth. they thanked us so much for visiting them and we marked an appointment to go back asap. their oldest daughter is our age and they really seem like eleitos!
we´re also reactivating a man named Jean and his wife, Maiara isn´t a member yet! so we are teaching her and she is really excited and receptive. the work is going so well and i am really recognizing the blessings of this service!! Missions are like the best thing to happen to this world i think. every single day is an adventure! seriously.
it´s getting colder and colder everyday! i have to use a coat and scarf! and even tights and boots after the sun goes down! but i like it! summer was soooo hot i don´t even know how i survived so it´s nice to have a cool breeze and fresh air.
well we are going to try to see if we can get a bus out of this city!! wish me luck!!
love you all!!
sister myers

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