Monday, May 20, 2013

what a week...ok you guys are going to freak the crap out. 

soooo remember eugenio right? perfect sweetest old man waiting for an answer from slc to be baptized??

so Presidente Fernandes called me on friday and was like oh sister myers...i got eugenio´s answer today and....HE CAN BE BAPTIZED!!! WAHOOOO!!!

so...naturally i was freaking out. and was like awesome! tomorrow! i called eugenio and i don´t think i have ever heard a man so happy. he was super stoked. we were in floripa when president called but  we headed to catch our bus home and called the elders to meet us there to get that man interviewed and baptized! 

so did i tell you that eugenio was letting his beard and hair grow out until he got the reponse from salt lake? first of all he is a straight up indian! i will send pics! and his hair is super white and super thin. haha...but when we got to his house for the interview, he had already shaved and cut his hair!

the baptism was perfect! all of his family was there supporting him and so many ward members were there too! i even got to give a little talk and i was just beaming being there, feeling like really one of my prayers was answered so obviously...(and by the prophet, personally) but many prayers of mine have been answered like this during my time here. (for example chapec√≥ is now a stake!!) it´s like missionary prayers are priority mail for Heavenly Father or something.

it´s been awesome being back with Sister Winslow. she only has this transfer left before she dies. so we are running wild and working like crazy to end her mission on a perfect note. it´s a blessing to be with her again, we are super good friends and already planning all kinds of crazy life plans post-mission. she´s going to be studying in fresno, so we´ll be semi-close! anywhere in the same country seems close to me now.

i love you all. i love my mission now more than ever. i am starting to feel the sadness of seeing the mission winding down in terms of months...but i still have a ton of time to work and train and better myself. the church is true. just know that.

sister myers

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