Monday, May 13, 2013

it was SO GOOD to hear from you and see your faces yesterday! did that all really happen? sorry i cried for like 39 our of the 40 minutes that we talked. But i really miss you guys and love you all so much i just can´t control the water works show.
so p.s. mom! happy mother´s day! i don´t even think i told you yesterday...whoops...i love you and i was happy you were wearing the jersey i sent you! so glad you finally got it!
neil- i loved the song you played for us. it was so so beautiful. i am so proud of you and the man that you are becoming! you are super talented and i am so lucky to have you as my own irmãozinho!!
ahhh i am so happy right now i am smiling out loud.
so what else did you guys have to tell me that you forgot or thought of later? i didn´t really think of anything else. but i have some pictures to send so i will do that now!
love you all! forever!
sister myers

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