Monday, May 6, 2013

hey guys! so it looks like i will be calling mais ou menos 5:00pm my i think it´s like noonyour time right?!! Mitch said that would be better for you?? i have 40 minutes to talk. and i have a lot of good news/cool stories to pass along to you guys!! :) 

can you even believe the time had passed as fast as it has? it honestly feels like i called to talk to you guys yesterday! and when i think about Mom, Tayler and Neil dropping me off at the´s like unreal. seems like yesterday folks, yesterday! 

i think i´m having a mid-life crisis on the mission. all of a sudden i feel like all of the time i have here is running out and i´m still not the version of myself that God knows i can be. i want to soak it all up ya know? every experience, every growth opportunity, i want to take advantage of every opportunity to change the lives of others with the gospel...but most importantly i need to be changing myself constantly as well. 

the mission is so different than i every thought or imagined it would be. sometimes i just sit and did i end up here? how did i choose to do this? i look at my life a year ago, and i feel nothing but pure gratitude that i am here where i am...and not in any other situation. i had a cool experience the other day. we went to the house of a less active young couple. and when i say young i mean it. the little wife is 17 and finishing high school, and the husband is mitch´s age i think. but anyway, we were sharing a thought with them about love. and all of a sudden the husband was like oh hey can i show you guys a video that i found on lot of people like to take over the lesson when we are happens a lot haha. brasilians love to talk and share their thoughts and´s cool. sometimes annoying, but cool too. so we were like...sure. why not? and he started this clip about the life of christ. but when it showed Christ i felt something so different than ever before in my life. i saw the Savior there on that screen and He looked so familar, like i really knew Him. it was a super powerful feeling that i had like man, i really know my Savior. that is what i am doing here...getting to know Him, and becoming like Him. i was thinking if i saw Christ in my day to day...would i recognize Him? would i know Him the moment i saw Him? what would i say, what would i do? but i am soo grateful for the knowledge that i have of Him, of His gospel and for the opportunity i have to be here in His place.

i don´t know...the mission is hard. but it´s like you learn to love it and all of a sudden you want to stay. stay forever.

ok ok...i will "see" you in a week! less! 6 days! 40 minutes of pure joy ok?! 
until then.
i love you the moon and back!

sister myers 

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