Wednesday, June 5, 2013

hey another week and i´m emailing super late. but it´s not because i died so don´t worry!

ok soo...sunday night sister winslow and i traveled to floripa for a meeting super early mondaymorning. we had our first "council" with president fernandes and all the zone leaders and the assistants. it was 5 hours long. i almost died. afterwards we had lunch at the mission home with everyone. and then we had a derm appointment and another consult before heading off to criciúma to have a division with the sisters there. it was a super hectic day, but really fun too.   
we got to criciúma super late. our division was cool. sister winslow worked with sister sanchez and i stayed with sister borges, a brasileira from the interior of são paulo. she only had 3 weeks on the mission so it was cool to feed off her energy and help her learn. we made a bunch of contact and had a few good lessons. anyway...we stayed in criciúma another night because we had zone conference this morning. sister winslow and i got to present some of the information to our zone about changes that president wants us to make and in ways we can improve. it was cool to be a leader for a little bit and realize how much i´ve grown on the mission. especially with portugués. i remember the first month i arrived in the field...i was assigned to give a spiritual thought in district meeting. i wrote what i would say word for word and stood up in front of everyone and just read it all. like a robot. now i like to   comment and express how the gospel makes sense to me.

so we got back to tubarão today. and today is pday. just for us. i died on my bed for a good two hours but not we are preparing a powerpoint for an activity that we are planning for our ward fridaynight. it about....missionary work. surprising right?! but we are organizing a big fat fun party...because it´s the best way to connect with the people here! holla. 

did i just say holla?

elder ruesch said that brittany and clay are pregnant with a baby girl? if so send a congrats her way!

also...i heard kim kardashian is having kayne´s baby...tweet a congrats to her for me also.

the second request was sarcastic.  

sooo what else? the work has been tough being away from our area so much but we are being blessed and finding new families! today we were on the way to the lanhouse and a man stopped us and said that he talked to the other missionaries that work here in tubarão but in another area. he showed us the little card they left him, but he didn´t mark to meet with them or anything. after talking with us he got super interessed and marked with us for saturday! he said that he wants his family to be more educated about God. the key word here being FAMILY. i love when a person has a family. and you get to teach a family. ahhhh. it´s better than all the swedish fish and diet coke in north america. but missionary work is exactly like that...after three weeks of nothing but contacts, and when you just want to give up... God sends you a miracle. on pday. when you´re not even really working. and it´s a MAN, with FAMILY that WANTS to learn about the just happened? haha. i think Heavenly Father likes to see our jaws hit the ground. we fasted this past week for opportunities to find new people to teach because we are really needing new people. just more proof that God exists and that he listens to our prayers and helps to fulfill our righteous desires.

oh yeah...and my permanent retainer broke so i´m now getting a gap between my two front teeth again. blessings. just blessings.

i love you all. and i don´t just say that because it sounds pretty...but because it´s true!!! 



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