Monday, June 10, 2013

well hello there little ones. 

umm...first of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TAYLER!!! i would like to send you a little somethin´somethin´ but it´s currently out of my price range to send packages internationally. but tay just know i have collected like a million things to give you when i get home. so we´ll celebrate you´re birthday in November ok?!  

i remember Tayler´s birthday last year...i went into the MTC the next day. and´s her birthday again...which means...i´ve been a missionary for a year? shut up. it can´t be true. i seriously think i´m trapped in some kind of sick time warp and it´s like i´m living cat years. or is it dog years? dog days? whatever.

time is flying by. Sister Winslow only has 3 weeks left before heading back to the states. we are working like nobody´s business to take full advantage of every minute she has left. and we are happy. the harder you work, the more you acomplish and the happier you become. life secrets with carly 101.

i´m sad that Sister Winslow is going home soon. it also means that Erin is going to be heading home soon too, right?  i always love getting her emails and i even print them out every week and read them to Sister Winslow. She is super inspiring and i have received a lot of answers and comfort through her experiences and counsel. when i was with Sister Winslow in Chapecó we always looked forward to hearing "Thailand adventures" and now that i´m working with Sister Winslow again here in Tubarão, we´ve kept the tradish going reading Erin´s emails every week! We will miss Sister Stolworthy. RIP. hahaha ok too far.  

Well time is up! until next week ok? we´re going to the mall today to try on clothes that we can´t afford. love you all so much! 

Sister Myers  

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