Monday, June 17, 2013 this!! have you seen it yet? probably...

Dad- I just want to say Happy Father´s Day and that i love you. thank you for all the work that you put in for me and all the work that you continue putting in for me now that i´m out here on the mission. i am so grateful for you. more now, than ever before! sometimes it doesn´t even matter if the people here are liking me or listening to me or even caring about me...because i know i have you, and your love for me will never die...right? love you! 

and just in case mom gets jealous of that cool father´s day´s one for her!

anyway! heys guys. happy monday. happy middle of june. what the! my year mark came and went and it´s just unbelieveable that time is flying like it is. it´s good and bad. my president always says if the times not passing fast enough, you´re not working hard enough. sister winslow and i celebrated my year mark with a burger and coke zero at our favorite little food joint here in Tubarã´s called Jacob´s. and it is heavenly. 

did i tell you i had some dental work done? haha...i got my permanent retainer fixed. it was like $85reais ou seja...$40bucks. i thought it was a pretty good deal. it´s smaller now and less in the way. so i lucked out big time. ohh and the lady that fixed it has a sister that studied in salt lake...ever been in a small world? 

this week we had another division. i worked with sister ferriera. a little bitty baby brasileira. she is 39 years old! but she looks about 12. don´t ask me how that happened. good skin care or something. but the division went well and i learned a lot. i mean there is a lot of information in the brain of a 39 year old brasileira.

the area is the same old thing. we are working hard and trying to find new investigators and nourish the ones we have. but everyone is being whiney and i´m about to ultimate punch them to the moon. 

yesterday was particularly difficult. we went to pick up 3 different people for church. no one was awake. no one was home. no one came. sad. then we got to church and i could tell that Angela (a recent convert) was super stressed and acting strange. i pulled her aside to talk to her and she told me that her husband found some anti-mormon videos on the internet and that he doesn´t want to be a member anymore. she told me that this would be their last week at church. i was heart broken and had no idea what to say or do. we were waiting in gospel principles to start the class, but...there were no investigators and the teacher got married the night before and assigned the lesson to Angela. so we were the only ones there and it was actually perfect because Xavier and Deverson (Angela´s home teachers) came in to talk to Angela. Sister Winslow and i sat there with these 3 members and talked for the entire gospel principles class about how we have to continue in faith throughout our entire lives. Xavier is awesome he has such a strong testimony, he is a convert of little time too. he explained so many things super clearly to Angela and i was so happy that he was there to save the day. he told Angela- you can take away all of the things i own, all of my friends and family but i will never deny that this church is true or that Christ is not the leader of this church. it was so true and i realized that when he bore this testimony i was feeling the exact same way. i also know. and i will never deny it.

this reminded me of Eugenio. the week or 2 before his baptism he woke up one day and found some anti-mormon literature in the front room of his house. he was talking to us and showed it to us. he said that maybe it was a sign telling him to not get baptized. but after we talked to him for a little bit...and after i ripped up the papers he found...he told me "i already made my choice and i´m going to stay in the church." and like a week later we got the answer that he could be baptized!!! he is such a stud. 82 years old and he´s still got it!  but really i just think sometimes Heavenly Father wants us to show Him that we will be faithful no matter what!! 

love you guys. even if mitch didn´t email me...or tayler...or neil...still...i send love vibes your way!!
until next week!
sister myers

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