Monday, March 4, 2013

hey you guys!!!

so...we had a little surprise little week because we found out that this transfer was actually a transfer of 5 weeks, not 6. so we got a call on saturday saying that i would be transfered!! i leave chapecó this thursday, and take the bus through the night to Tubarão! alone. on the bus. again. wish me luck! i will work there with Sister Marlette! another american! and surprise surprise...i will be senior companion! haha cute right?

so it looks like i´m starting to get old on the mission. i had a little bit of a crisis this week with newly found wrinkles. i am now walking with an umbrella, rain or shine, and applying sunscreen every 30 minutes. bless my heart. 

so there is a couple in my branch here that was baptized this week! their names are Brandina and Francisco. they actually have an interesting story. they both have problems mentally. but, they have 3 children without any type of problem and all three are members of the church. you guys actually met daniel on the christmas! remember? he is their son and is 16 years old. they have another daughter named denise that is married in the temple and has a baby boy named achilles. and their other daughter is maria, she´s 12. anyway, they had a death in the family recently, and their mom started getting curious about the church. she is very capable and self sufficent. i mean...she raised 3 normal, healthy children and she works and everything. anyway she and her husband starting coming to church about a month ago and we starting teaching them recently. they never had an interest in the church before but now they are so excited and happy to be apart of it! President Fernandes approved their baptism saying that anyone with the desire to follow the Savior by being baptized should have the opportunity, even if the actual ordinance won´t change their eternal salvation. but their baptism was awesome! denise and maria gave talks and just cried with joy at the chance they had to see their parents baptized! it was like a physical glimpse for them of the eternal family they will have! it was super sweet and was cool to be apart of their special day! 

so next week i´ll be writing from the other side of santa catarina. with no hills and no heat!! wahoo!!

love you all! have a good week! until next monday!!


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