Monday, March 11, 2013

hello. my new area is cool. it´s called tubarão. that means shark in português.

my new comp is named sister marlette. she is from bountiful. she is seriously the poster child of a sister missionary. she has the personality of giselle from enchanted. but it´s super cool because she is really excited about the work and always happy to share the gospel. with anyone and everyone that passes. she has 6 months on the missionary. i´m liking her, were pretty opposite ya know? but- it´s cool to feed off of her perfection and hapiness. 

there are mountains here. like the ones in utah. i can´t even look out of the window or i start to cry. it plays games with my heart ya know?!

we live with Sister Reynosa (from argentina) and Sister Green (from alpine) brasileiras. sad right?? 

there are also these animals that live in the river and the street. its called a capybara. they look ferocious, but they seem pretty nice. it looks fake to me! seriously fake! but they are alive. yesterday i saw a momma and a little baby. it was super cute. 

we have a conference this week in lages. it´s about 3 hours on the bus. it´ll be nice to have another conference! haven´t had one since christmas! and hopefully my birthday package arrived :) i can´t believe i´m going to be 22. it´s seems so...old. ya know? i´m been telling everyone about my birthday. like i always do. so i´m expecting a brasilian party. birthdays are the biggest deals. 

is it bad that i want a deep frying party for my birthday and deep fry everything is sight?

ok sorry my mind is traveling today...

also i am going to make bread today! wahoo. marilene gave me a recipe because she made the best bread in chapecó so i will report next week! hopefully with pictures! 

my face is improving. thank goodness. one day i won´t be a scary monster. one day.

sorry i have nothing inspring to report. oh...last night Sister Marlette told me that she just got over a bad case of lice. sooooooooooo. what i´m trying to say is if you guys get a picture from me next week of a bald´s me. 

blessings of the mission yeah?

everyone has been telling me that my português is so good. it´s makes me feel happy because it´s a battle everyday to improve the language!!

love you all. like always.  
sister myers

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