Monday, March 18, 2013

happy birthday to me!!! 

AND guess how we are celebrating?! FRY FEST!!! seriously. we are going to deep fry oreos, twinkes, and snickers! and who even knows what else! sister marlette is being a really good sport with my insanity. she is super excited and even suggested that we try to make funnel cakes...we are so doing it. the other dupla that lives with us are super health freak status, so it´s safe to say they are disgusted with my choice of birthday celebration. BUT, sister green (who lives on green tea and granola) did offer to make cookie dough to deep guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. 

i am super excited about this area that i am in. we have a few really strong families that are excited about missionary work and really want to see progress in São João. we had a bishopric meeting yesterday, and i was totally not looking forward to it. because´s an indian leg wrestling match in there...but no! this was the most legit bishopric meeting i´ve been in so far on the mission! seriously, everyone was stoked, one irmão even had preach my gospel out following all the instructions of what we need to do as a ward to see growth here. it was super rad. and i am sooo blessed to be in this area with sister marlette. she is awesome. she never admits that she is tired even when she is about to fall asleep in the street. she is a hard worker and has no shame! awesome! her family lives in bountiful next to the temple...and her brother is serving in Mannus right now! they were in the CTM together. sick right? if only neil were a little bit older...or if mitch and i were twins...oh wait...that wouldn´t work...whatever...

nossa. i had a shoe disaster. luckily now it is solved. ahhh not worth telling. but just picture me using those really awful sister missionary shoes that look like two black pots on your feet...for one day. AND by lunch my feet hurt so bad i was carrying those stupid shoes...(that i found in our aprtment p.s.) and walking barefoot in the street...ahh but no worries...i found some tennies that are perfect! 

so yesterday we had a super uplifting day at church. we learned a lot about our Savior. the best sundays are when everyone is bearing testimonies and talking about the life and example of Christ. because...that is what is REALLY important. that´s when our testimonies grow, when we feel the spirit and when we feel a little more converted to Christ and a little more excited and determined to live the gospel. after church i was thinking...if every week of church was like this, and everyone felt this great after every sunday, EVERYONE would want to go to church. there would be greater activity in the church, less families that are less active, and more strength in every ward! so sister marlette and i were thinking about planning a face melting lesson, about everything we learned on sunday. this week we are going to visit a bunch on less active families and melt their faces with the gospel truths! we really was to bring the spirit and the light of Christ into each of their homes. we want then to recognize a difference and be determine to follow our Savior again. i was studying today about everything we want to share, and i was reading the Liahona, a talk by Todd Cristofferson. Vocé é english it must be you are free...or something close to that. but he quoted a scripture in John 16:33. and i was seriously inspired by this scripture today. sometimes we get cranky or sad or negative because of the bad influences of the world. we feel beat down and we want to give up. it looks like we will never have peace or never have hope of overcoming an addiction or a problem that we are suffering. but guess what?! good news! Christ already won. He already beat everything. every level of every challenge. everything that satan threw his way. every feeling of loneliness or saddness or frustration or trapped. HE BEAT IT ALL. and do you know what that means? it means if we follow Him, WE WILL TOO. WE WILL WIN TOO. but we must follow Him. WE MUST NEVER GIVE UP. because the moment we do, we are forfeiting what we already know we are capable of accomplishing. we are capable of salvation because of the atonement of Jesus Christ. why would we ever doubt it?

i´m out of time and full of thoughts today! i love you all. i love you, my family. forever. one day we will reunite and we will all hug and cry together. we will rejoice in the service that i am doing and that neil will do one day soon. be missionaries there for me. i love you. and i don´t just say that cuz it sounds pretty. i really love you all.   

more next week...i did get your packages!! i will open them tomorrow!! but i already loved everything!!!

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