Monday, March 25, 2013

guess what?!
i´m in floripa for the day with sister marlette! i have a dermatology appointment here in a little bit! floripa is soo sick! we met some brits in the street and spoke english with them! i keep mocking their accents and i don´t think they thought it was funny´s all good.

i loved my package!! thankyou thankyou!!! i had peanut butter M&Ms and twizzlers for breakfast everyday!! :)
you guys really don´t need to send me anything else! seriously. i know it´s expensive to send and i am soo grateful for everything i´ve gotten!

so we have a baptism planned for saturday! a man named valdinei. i am hoping that everything goes smoothly. he is a little bit of a anxious person. but he is excited about the gospel and ready to be baptized! so sister marlette and i are excited...super excited. 

GUESS WHAT! i made bread. with my own two hands! and it turned out perfect! the first time i made 3 loaves and last night i made 4 loaves! i keep bragging it up to everyone!! and i keep telling everything that now i am a really woman. they all agree. so this is my new kick...bread. made in casa...super delicious! yum. i will teach you all when i get home...and we can all be real women together...

also...fry fest was a success...we decided the best thing we tried was deep fried milky way.  

when i got to the office today i had a letter from lauren best! tayler! the stolworthy´s! grandpa myers! and elder hogan in ohio! WAHOO! awesome to feel love and support from everyone!! thankyou. i will be responing asap. seriously. i am a letter machine!! :) 

so i don´t have time to send pictures or write a ton...but just know that i love you all and i will be working my little american bum off this week! like always! 



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