Monday, February 25, 2013

hey youuuuuuu guys!

well well well. hello there! i was thinking about you all a lot this week with the sealing and everything in vegas! i was praying for you all the whole time and hoping that you were all thinking about me a little bit too. i am so proud of pat and jolyn. such an awesome family! man- i am so blessed to have them as a part of my family forever too!

it´s POURING rain right now. like POURING!! love it. 

i took a nap today, and i always sleep with tayler´s sweatshirt wrapped around my head ya know? sister winslow was kinda freaked out i think. and when i woke up, i wasn´t maybe we need to take a little break from the sweatshirt wrapped around my head during sleep´s just so comfortable. i don´t know why i like it. 

ok so this week!!! nossa. tuesday we went to teach Paulo. i can´t remember if i told you guys about him. he is our perfect investigator that always reads, always prays, and always attends church. he is seriously perfect. but we´ve been teaching him for about a month now. he is dating a girl from our branch and they are planning on getting married in a few months. sister winslow and i went to teach him on tuesday. we were teaching the gospel of christ. actually- he was teaching us because he already knows everything! but we were talking about repentance, and he was like "sisters- i just want to tell you that i know this is the path that i need to follow. i know that God wants me to be baptized." after i picked my face up off the floor i was like...ok...and looked at sister winslow and she was like...ok...hahaha we were both so shocked because everytime we talked about baptism with him he was like oh i need to learn everything and i need time to decide and all of while i was still paralyzed from the shock of joy i was feeling...sister winslow told him we have 3 saturdays before the end of this transfer when maybe one of us will move on to another city. so she said we have the 23rd, march 2nd, or march 9th. he thought for a second and was like...let´s do it this saturday. the 23rd. the first thought that came to my mind was tayler´s family!! i was feeling super bummed to miss such a special day with all of you guys...but it was like Heavenly Father was like...hey i know you are missing out back home so here ya go...haha. being apart of Paulo´s special day was perfect. i was thinking that his baptism and the sealing in Vegas were happening at almost the exact same time...and it felt so great to know that all of us were doing the Lord´s work together.  He is dating a girl from our branch and they are planning on getting married in a few months.

and she´s crying in the middle of the lan house folks.

ok...well i want to send some pictures of Paulo´s baptism...they turned out kind of blurry. which is good because the acutane is in full effect. haha. bless my sweet little spirit.

love you all. to the moon and back!


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