Monday, February 18, 2013

family- hi how are you? 

i am doing great! super great! this whoel week has been rainy and breezy and chilly and it´s wonderful. it´s like oregon!......ok i´ve only been there once, but from what i remember it´s like oregon...

i decided i want to live in oregon. 

this week was eventful. to say the least. the 12th was carnival. it´s the holiday of satan. everyone just runs around sinning and loving it. except it´s more popular in the north of brasil so it´s wasn´t that crazy here. we worked like normal. we got flashed by some creepy man in the street. and this other old drunk guy stopped us and wouldn´t let us past. but don´t worry, i always carry my umbrella. i find myself constantly using it as a weapon to beat off drunks, random angry dogs and/or flashers in the street. i think what they say about the whole fight or flight thing is true. and i think i have more of the fight instinct.

on wednesday we painted irma ziza´s house! it was really fun! and a nice change of pace. it was going well until the stupid dog they have attacked noah! that cute little blondie that i sent pictures of! remember him? so ziza had to rush him to the hospital while we painted. it was so sad! but luckily he is all good and didn´t even need to get stitches......people always think i´m crazy because i don´t love dogs...i just can trust them! can´t stop, won´t stop... 

we have a cool appointment with a lady names josara. one day we made a contact on the bus in front of everyone. one gives their addresses because they are half freaked out...BUT that day we got 6 addresses! so we´ve been contacting all of them and ONE of them was josara! she had 2 sons and a husband that looks like fabio. brasilian style. they are baptist. but henrique (one of her sons) will start playing soccer with the branch! so it´s a good start! they love the book of mormon and josara and henrique are already reading! and when we went to her house she made us blackberry juice! just from the berries in her backyard. i love that about brasilians...they just are always making delicious stuff and throwing in herbs and fruit from the backyard.

i want to plant a garden when i get home. one with fruit trees, one with herbs and one with vegetables and salad.

that´s why i need to live in oregon.

fertile land.

yesterday maria (lucas´s mom) came to church!! we stopped meeting with her because she really was not loving the whole change of life experience we were offering. BUT yesterday she showed up, out of the blue with her sister-in-law and brother!!! and she ever participated in relief society! she said that she never had very much faith, but after lucas was baptised, she had the desire to follow his example! and she even said i want to thank the sisteres because they helped me develop my faith! sister winslow and i were like...................ughhh jaw on the floor. it´s super funny. because you go through phases on the mission when you feel like you aren´t helping one cares, or wants to change or believes ANYTHING you say...and then BOOM out of no where you have a woman telling everyone in your branch that because of you she has faith and wants to start following Christ. can you even think of anything better than that?! gente do céu, eu acho que não!!

we had 9 investigators at church yesterday!!! it was incredbile! this área is growing so quick and this branch is getting super strong.

life is going great! you probably won´t be getting any pictures from me anytime soon. my face looks like it caught a bad case of lepracy. coitada. bless my sweet spirit little heart. my face is so tight, it´s like i got botox all over and i can´t smile or make sudden movements. yet people are still wanting to be my friend. and heal me with their natural herbs and teas.

if you could send me a colored picture of jabba the hut with my birthday package that would be great. 

yes, i just asked for a picture of jabba the hut for my birthday.

preferablly 5 by 7. 

love you all more that ever! i think about you everyday and pray for you everyday and everynight. if you are all receiving an intense amount of blessings, joy, and/or happiness...i don´t want to point any fingers but......(i´m pointing at myself)... ;)

seriously...sending love vibes to you all!!! always and forever!! MYERS FOREVER!


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