Monday, February 11, 2013

hello! happy monday to everyone :)

how are you all? how is winter? how much snow are you getting? utah passed on the news here showing all the least one of my investigators told me that. are you are getting buried by snow or what? please drive so safe and be so careful...i don´t want to get any bad news about accidents ok?!

this week was super weird! weather wise, i mean. it´s all of a sudden fall. not even kidding. it´s like super breezy and chilly and even rainy! everyone is like...what is going on?! but i like it. it´s funny too because school starts this week! so everyone is buying school supplies and getting all ready to go back to school. in february...weird right?

i´m listening to the music on while i write this and i keep accidently singing outloud...awkward...

so anyway this week was great! lucas was baptized!! AND his parents even came to watch and support him!! let me tell you about his story a little bit. he has been visiting the branch here with his friend Antonio. we started visiting him at his house and talking to him about his interest in the church. he told us that his oldest brother has a really bad problem with drugs and that it really hurts his family. he also told us that he wants to be an example to his family and to his brother and eventually help him brother quit using and turn his life around. he is such a powerful guy! he just turned 13. he reminds me so much of Nephi. i lamentated a picture i had of Nephi and gave it to him for his baptism, and told him to keep being that strong example and eventually he will make such a difference to his brother and his family. i see so many young kids here suffering because of bad decisions their family members have made. i just want to smack people upside the head half the time. for example...we were teaching lucas about the law and chastity and the word of wisdom before his baptism and we started talking about tattoos. we were explaining how our bodies are temples and we needs to respect them and all of that...he kind of got quiet for a second and then asked, "what if you already have a tattoo, can you still get baptized?" Sister Winslow was like...Lucas do you have a tattoo?! and he was like...yeah. then he showed us...his name was really tattooed on his little arm, written in super faded black sloppy letters. he told us that 3 years ago on christmas his older brother gave him a tattoo. when he was 10. seriously. Lucas will be a great missionary one day. he is so strong and is always at church, never misses even when he has to ride his bike!

hmm...what else?

did i tell you that the best bathrooms to use here are at gas stations? seriously they are the cleanest! even the bathroom at the hospital is awful! but any gas station that you go to it is super clean. 

every week our branch has futebol night at one of the member´s farms here. it is really really cool and we even get to go because there are always a lot of investigators! i will take pictures this week for you guys!
other than that i am really enjoying this area and this work. i want to stay in chapec√≥ for the rest of my mission. haha. seriously it is so awesome! oh yeah! sister winslow and i are going to paint Irma Ziza´s house this week! and today after email we are going to the Abrigo again. it´s a house for kids without parents. it´s a service project that the relief society women are doing. we go every monday and teach primary lessons to them! it is adorable......and chaotic.

i love you all. i hope you are all healthy and happy. 
myers forever!!


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