Monday, January 21, 2013

hey family...did you guys all die or not? sure hope not...just worried since cough-no one wrote me-cough

this week was super fast. i gave a talk yesterday in our branch. it was last minute because one of the people didn´t show up. i spoke for 20 minutes! i don´t even know who i am anymore. i speak another language ya know? and people understand me. super weird.
so we had interviews with president this week. he told me that he is almost 100% sure that i will train this next transfer. aka next week. i still don´t feel 100% confident with my portugu√™s...but i will serve wherever he calls me to serve. sister winslowe and i have so much fun together. everyone says that we look alike too. we are going to get a mani/pedi before pday is over today. pray that i don´t get ringworm or something...knock on wood. one of our investigators has a sister in law that does nails could say were getting the hook up.
i have got to find a coke zero soon. or she hulk is gunna bust down some doors. 
just kidding.
i am also starting acutane this week. soo if my face starts looking like i got ran over by a lawn´ll know why.
i have develop a freakishly strange fear of birds. we had lunch with a member the other day and she had a pet bird. she let the thing loose in her house and i almost started crying. it´s the way they move their heads i think. i don´t know. it´s like a little robot. it freaks me out. 
we are making some awesome progress with our investigators! it looks like Amanda and Ezikel will be baptized this saturday! we are working with some awesome families and my testimony grows everytime i get to teach them.  
i got an awesome email from aunt regina. please tell her i love her and she can def. start planning a trip to africa for us when i get home. i don´t know if my portugu√™s will be the same as they speak there but...i will try!! :)
love you guys...until next week.
please write!

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