Monday, January 14, 2013

so i was kidding last week when i said to pray for crazy things to happen to me....did you think i was serious? did you all pray for that? because this week was the craziest of all!!! not even kidding!!!
starting on monday, after pday we had a nice FHE with a recent convert and her daughter...we made chocolate chip cookies and it was scrumpt times infinity...
then on tuesday...the madness began...
we went to visit a less active (inactive) member and his wife that is not a member...actually not even his wife legally. super normal situation here though. we were visiting with them when a guy came up to the door and asked for lunch. it was a man that lived in the street, the member gave him a plate of food and we continued on. poor guy- he was having a rough day so we gave him passagem for the bus and said a prayer with him before he went on his way...
then the "wife" of this less active (inactive) member said that their neighbor needed some help. so we went over with her to meet them. we entered the house and the mom and teenage daughter there started telling us all about the problems that were going on. the teenage daughter said that she was seeing ghosts in her house at night. she said that it was happening almost every single night and that she was super scared. the mom asked if we could cast the demon out of her house.  i told her i would try and started casting spells that i learned from harry potter and the socerrer´s stone..............just kidding. we talked with them about the work that we do as missionaries and we said a prayer with them and marked an appointment with them to teach the restoration.
Then we went to an appointment with a member that just adopted 2 kids. Amanda and Ezikel. 13 and 10. They are preparing for baptism, and it is really cool to work with them. They were raised Evangelic, so a lot of there ideas are different...but were working on it. we were talking about the gift of tongues and Ezikel said that when people in his church would speak the gift of tongues (aka jibberish) he only understood about half of the stuff they were saying. But he said with our gift of tongues, he could understand all of our portuguê he felt really good about that. It was cute.  And Irmão Antonio picked corn out of their garden and cooked it for us! :)
When we got home that night, there was a new born puppy on our doorstep. Crying and crying. Sister Winslow has a kinder heart than I when i comes to animals in the street so we took him in and fed him before the Pet Saver Man (official job title) arrived. Now our apartment has fleas.
We had a death in our branch this week. It was the mom of a young woman in our ward named Yasmin.  You all met her on Christmas. She was the little blondie. The funeral was the saddest experience i think i have ever had in my life. her mom was sick with AIDS, and left 5 kids here. Only Yasmin is a member and luckily she is the youngest. She is 12. It broke my heart to see the pain that the children of this woman were feeling. when it came time to leave Yasmin just broke down and was crying for her mom. I literally felt the pain that she was feeling, I don´t think I´ve ever felt empathy for someone like that before.  Luckily we have the gospel has a hope and a comfort in times like these. But it doesn´t dull the intial pain entirely. Remember this sweet little girl in your prayers as a family!
On Thursday we had zone conference and i got packages and letters! I got the 2 more that you guys sent! and i even got one from my singles ward in orem! the relief society sent me letters and a years supply of bath and body works! it was so sweet and i cried and cried as i read the letters that so many of my frineds from the ward sent! Thankyou all!!  Sister Winslow got a CD from her brother who plays the piano, we were listening to it as we opened our packages and read our letters...we were in separate rooms just soaking up sooo much joy...after a little bit of time Sister Winslow came in crying, holding all the presents and letters her family sent, and i was on my bed holding everything and crying too. All of this while we were listing to this beautiful piano music. we were just both feeling so much joy and love and staring at eachother like....what now? so i just yelled...(in english) BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!!...and we laughed and laughed and it really was. best christmas ever. love you guys so much.   
Then on friday night we had a reference from our elders and we went to visit a woman names Marilane. She is golden! She is one of the 13 new investigators we had this week! This week was insane! We made over 100 contacts in the street, taught over 30 lessons and had a blast! The harder you work, the happier you get! We had a ton of awesome references and met a ton of great families! Loving this area and the people here in Chapecó. They really have the desire for this gospel! The papers are in for Chapecó to become a stake!  It´s really an exciting time.
We also met a girl named Cassie that has skitzarephenia (can i get a spell check?).  She´s 20 years old.  It was a reference of a member and probably the most interesting situation i have ever been in. We taught Cassie and her mom, and then on Sunday they came to church!  The Branch President gave them a ride home and said Cassie was spitting on everyone the whole way...bless her heart. She was so well behaved during the meetings.  Weeelll...kinda of.
AND something else cool...this guy in the street asked if i was from Rio...boom roasted. #brasilianatheart
love you all. if you really prayed for craziness to happen in my it again...because this week was the best!! 
Sister Myers

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