Monday, January 28, 2013

momma!!! happy birthday!!! did you get the pics i sent?!!

this week was hot! and great! we just have febuary now of intense hotness and it will pass by march! thank goodness. we had a baptism on sunday of amanda and ezikel. they are 13 and 12. they were adopted by a family in our ward, which was really a blessing for them and saved them from some ugly circumstances. it was a blessing to teach them and be apart of their baptism, they will be great members of the church for sure!!!

this week- ay ay, i never remember what i need to tell you guys when monday arrives!

oh yeah....Sister Winslow and I are staying here for another transfer!! I am so happy!! I am seriously loving this area and am so happy here! 

We are working witha ton of different families, we are trying to get some of them married legally so they can get baptized! It´s awesome to see people who want to change their lives to live the gospel!

We had an awesome talk yesterday during sacrament meeting. It was a leader of the district here in Chapec√≥. He talked about the "real world."  What is the "real world?" He said that as members of the church, we know the things that will last forever and the things that are temporary. So what is the "real world" to us? Our job? Our cars? Money? Schooling? Or is our "real world" living the gospel and preparing to meet our Heavenly Father?

Something cool to think about.

Love you guys!! Enjoy the pics...until next week!

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