Monday, October 15, 2012

chora largados!! óla!! tudo bem com voces?!!!

i always get a burst of energy when i sign on to a hyper burst of celestial happiness...sorry not sorry...

can´t believe it´s pday again...feels like i just blinked and this week was poof...gone. sister matos and sister silva are traveling for an appointment with the doctor so sister fernandes and i are flying solo this pday. i think we are just going to hang out around the house and watch some church filmes...the life of the prophet thomas s. monsen and who knows maybe if we´re feeling REALLY crazy...the book of mormon: the movie! haha...just little joys of the mission. i´ve learned to find joy and excitement out of the smallest things. it´s almost embarrassing. FOR EXAMPLE: yesterday we had a member baptism. little vitoria, age 8...her family is rad. they all (grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins) all live in pretty much the same building, all on top of eachother. it´s hilarious. they are all memberse, really active, all served missions...blah blah they rock. anyway- after the baptism, we had dinner at their house in a little neighborhood called barra. all 4 sisters hopped into the car with one of the irmãos of our ward...and i got to sit in the front seat. and...i had butterflies the whole time. i was like so stinkin´happy to be sitting in that front seat. i was like giggly happy. weird right?? the whole car ride i was tempted to stick my head out the window and yell "FREEDOM!!!!" but i refrained. and then at vitoria´s house we played barbie uno. and i loved it almost as much as sitting in the front seat! we played like 85 rounds, and it never got old. and the best part was vitoria only has like half of the cards and no wilds. so we played uno with like 15 cards. haha. it was awesome. vitoria said i am the "mais legal." 

another interesting event that occured this week...i saw jack sparrow riding a bike through the middle of no where on some dirt road...seriously. a full dressed pirate. he looked exactly like jack sparrow. super legit. we were walking to lunch and i was like....what?! and sister fernandes shouts...JACK SPARROW! we about had a heart attack because it was the most strange, randomest, greatest thing...again with the small joys right? ay ay ay...oh and jack was peddling quick. like he was on a mission or something. i am so curious about that guy.

the work had been challenging to say the least this past week or so. a lot of our investigators have gotten to the point where they are not progressing or making the changes that they need to. it broke my heart when we had to cut like everyone. the cultural here seems to be..."i believe in God, and i know God loves me, so i can do whatever i want." it´s a tad bit frustrating. but hey......(insert clique quote of motivation here) ............haha just kidding... 

i know that we are on the Lord´s errand here. i know that he has a purpose for us and if that purpose is to simply give people the option of the gospel and have them reject it...then so be it. someone has to be the messenger that gets rejected. i´m tough...i can do it. sister fernandes was laughing this week because i started to make a contact with this old man on avenida brasil...a street in a really ritzy part of the city really close to the beach...anyway he was like sorry sweetie i don´t want to hear anything you have to say about your church. and without even thinking i was like...oh well i´m from the united states and i´m learning the language here and i need to practice my portugês, can you help me practice? and he was like...........ughhhh ok. haha so we talked for a little bit and i thanked him for his help. boom roasted. seed planted. that´s my job right?? of course right.  

everyday i think about the person i used to be and the person i am becoming. it´s so weird to realize the changes that have gone on in this mind of mine. i wish i had the opportunity to go back and change a lot of mistakes that i have made...but i know that´s not how it works. we can´t change the past, because we need the memory of mistakes we have made to help us make correct choices in our futures. but the BEST thing about the gospel is that all that is wrong, or unfair or ugly about life can be made right through the atonement of our Savior. i know that is true. this week in english class i was thinking about the thought i could share and i just had the feeling to testify of Christ. i told my class that when i was 8 years old i made a promise to remember my Savior always and to stand as a witness of Him in all places. i told them that during my life i haven´t been perfect at keeping that promise and there were many times when i probably didn´t fulfill my promise in the best way that i could. but i told them that i know that Christ lives, i know that he loves us and has set a perfect example for us. i want to be true to my promise i made when i was 8 years old, for the rest of my life and forever. and i will be, but i know that it is only possible through His atonement.

out of you all!!! ;] 
sister myers

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