Monday, October 22, 2012

hey guys...another blink and another pday has arrived. what the heck?!

we got a call last night about a schedule change for us! from now until march (summer) we won´t wake up until 7:30am now, and we will stay out working until 10:30pm and sleep at 11:30. everybody thinks it´s kinda cool. and it will be better for us to have more time for appointments later in the evening!

this week, i have noticed a huge change in the language. i understand almost everything that is going on around me. it´s really weird because i´m starting to feel not so out of it now. it´s´s like portugu├¬s is starting to sound like english to me. it´s crazy how much i have learned in such a short time and how much i still have to learn. but at least now i have a good chunk of necessary vocab to use. miracles happen people. miracles happen.

i´m sad today because sister silva is leaving. she has been such a good friend to me! she had a solid rock testimony and has only been a member for 2 years, and the only in her family, except for one brother who is on a mission also!!! she is awesome. i dance like beyonce and she laughs so hard. this week she asked me to cut her hair. haha i did...and it turned out pretty good actually! haha. kinda. sis silva is a rock star...she has taught me so much. she told me that last week she got an email from her mom and her mom told her she loved her, and it was the first time her mom had ever told her that she loved her in her whole life. it made me realize how blessed i am to have parents who love me and tell me every single day! i can´t imagine not being loved. and sis silva had gone her whole time without knowing of the love of her mom...insane. sis silva also told me that she knew it was a blessing because she is serving a mission that her mom told her that. man. talk about humility. such an example to me.

so i dont know if i told you about the 1000pesos i found on the day sister fernandes and i were working and i saw some money on the ground. it was on aveinda brasil which is a super busy street in our ├írea. kinda like the strip in las vegas. mini version. anyway- i picked it up and it was 1000pesos. i was like.....WOOHOO I´M RICH!!!! i wanted to trade it in and see how much it was worth ya know? but sister fernanades was like no 1000pesos is like 5reais you should just keep it and put it in your journal. and i was like yeah ok. so when we got home the bill was all wrinkly so i wanted to iron it and tape it into my being brillant i go to iron it and it shrivels up and dies...because it is plastic...not paper. so not i have 1000pesos half melted away...but i taped it in my journal anyway and blah blah. i was too embarrassed i didn´t even tell anyone what happened. the nest night sis silva came home and was like sis myers! i talked to a man today that told me your 1000pesos is worth 500reais! we should trade it in and all buy new shoes! and i was like.............ugh...well...i have a little problem with the 1000pesos. it´s burnt to a crisp. hahaha they all laughed and laughed at me until i was pretty much in tears because they kept saying all the things we could have dome with the 500reais...haha. BUT then today at lunch we were talking about it again and Adriano had the same bill of 1000pesos in his wallet and he told us that it is pesos from chile and it is only worth 4reais! haha. i was sooo relieved. funny right?

anyway- today sis silva was watching the movie emma smith. and i heard a great quote. there was a part in the movie where emma smith´s daughter is talking to her about her life and all the trials she had to go through as the wife of joseph smith. and the daughter said mom- i wish i had your strength. and emma responded by saying, "Strength isn´t something you have, it is something that God helps you find and usually we have to find it one day at a time." how true are those words? sometimes we describe a person as mentally strong, or spiritually strong, and it seems like it´s a talent almost that the person has always had. but that´s not true. strength is any form comes one day at a time, slowly but surely. and there is no better way of developing strength then leaning on our Heavenly Father always. I remember a talk by Gordon B. Hinckley when he said, "A testimony is like the muscle of my right arm, if i use it, it becomes strong, if i let it rest it becomes weak." we must be continually nourishing our testimonies if we want to be spiritually strong. and i know that God´s plan for us, the evangelho, can help us develop strength every day as we choose to follow Christ´s example in all things!

oops out of time!!

love you to the moon and back!!!

sister myers

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