Monday, October 8, 2012

why have i had that old country song "i believe in you" by don williams stuck in my head all week?! random or what?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!! love you to the moon and back!

hey youuuuuuuu guys!!!

conference...rocked. they had a little english set up for the missionarys. so i watched 3 sessions in english! i watched one session in português and had a brain annurism. but don´t worry i´m still alive. i´m excited about the new ages for missionaries! we all were like THE LAST DAYS!!! so sick. tell everyone to go on a mission for me! i hope randi stratton is thinking about it :) maybe randi?? maybe??!!! do it!! i loved pres. uchtdorf´s talk. he reminded us all about what is really important and what we should spend our time doing. family, becoming better people, and finding happiness everyday. i loved his story about the bike rides he takes with his wife. super funny and so true. we all need to slow down, find opportunities to serve eachother better and spend our time becoming like our Savior! boom. roasted. uchtdorf did it again. 

this past week...hmm...

1} a bird pooped on sister silva´s hair, and in the same day a dog peed on my leg and dress...straight up. he thought i was a tree or something. and i just stood there in disbelief. not reacting. and let it happen. what the heck? what is life?

2} a lady called my português beautiful!!! beautiful people!!! WAHOO!

3} i got letters from kaylee and tayler! and one from my instrutora in the CTM. woohoo!!!

4} i had a dream in português!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this week we taught a really tough lesson. we went over to gio and jonas´s house. cesar and their other son were there too. cesar is 11 and their other son is like mid-twenties. we were talking to them about how with the gospel we can become the type of people we want to become and the type of people the Lord wants us to become. we can give up bad habits, and choose to be really free through the gospel of our Savior. jonas has a really bad drinking problem and he is stuggling with the desire to change. in the middle of our lesson he just got up and left. and gio was saying that they have tried everything and are giving up hope. i sat there and my heart broke for cesar. he needs a dad. he needs an example. he needs someone to teach him and love him. it came time to say a closing prayer and we asked gio. she said no, and that she didn´t want to say it. but before we could even ask...cesar said "i remember how you taught us to pray...can i say it?" it was unbelieveably adorable. and he sat there and said the best prayer i have ever heard. he thanked Heavenly Father for us, by name. and really poured out his heart to God. it was just so beautiful. and i thought wow...what an example. jonas and gio both can learn so much from that 11year old boy! his is the nephi of his family for sure. pretty rad right?!

well i love you all and pray for your safety every day and night. i miss you like you would not believe. i´ve never felt homesick during my life very much...but man o man sometimes i just want to start walking home i miss you all so much! this work is tough! mentally, physically, spiritually, everything! but it is the best work, the Lord´s work! and i know i am here because my Heavenly Father wants me here.

Sister Myers

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