Monday, October 1, 2012

yay! i finally get to send some pictures! hope you enjoy...and as you can see my mission is disgustingly ugly and i dread the day i ever set foot here..................not
so this o man. best of all ever best!!!!!!!!!!!! best i tell you!!!! besttttt!!! best!
ADRIANO WAS BAPTIZED!!! -i attached a pic!
ok so adriano...he is the guy i told you about that we met on the street and he said it would be a miracle if he woke up in time for church and i told him i believed in miracles...blah blah...
well i knew i believed in miracles, but...nossa...this is a huge real cray miracle. the man is baptized! recieved the holy ghost! and will be a priesthood holder next week!
and to think it all began with a street contact...right?!
God is real. this is His work. 100%. i do not have one doubt in my mind that this gospel is Christ´s gospel. i know it because it has been the purpose of my life. and i felt it so strong as i watched Adriano accpet it in his life.
So after we met Adriano...we found out that he wasn´t in our we couldn´t teach him. but luckily he was in the area of the sisters that live with us! so they taught him and we got to be involved a lot! and boom baptized!!! his baptize was the most beautiful thing ever. i thought about pat, jolyn, randi, jess and dill during the whole thing. it is unreal to witness people accept this sweet gospel and change every single thing in their lives to live it. what a blessing it is to be a missionary folks. the church is true. i just wanna scream it from the rooftops ya know?! 
other things from this week...ohhh forgot to tell you...i made my comp and the other sisters i live with celebrate my 1/2 birthday with me. hahaha. they loved it and respected it- unlike you guys! haha jk!! we even had cake and it was wonderful!
i also held a guinea pig this week. during lunch. just glad it wasn´t what i had to EAT FOR lunch.........mitch- i hope you are slapping your knee right about now...?!! haha you better be!!
another pic i sent...sister silva!!! hahahaha...her glasses broke and she has really bad vision and one of her eyes in far sighted and the other is near sighted so she had her sweater tied around her head so she could study...haha i told her she looked like jimi hendrix. and i of course had to capture the moment...and thanks sister fernandes for the banana input...really adds to the effect...still can´t look at it without dying of laughter.
sorry i´m scatter brained this week...i´m excited i finally figured out how to send pictures!! more to come! love you all!!!
até mais!!
sister myers

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