Monday, September 24, 2012

hey you guuuuuuuuys...

so fun to check my email and get so many words of inspiration from my family. def needed it today! so thanks you all so much- especially pat, jo and dill! love you guys!!

so remember rita? i told you guys about her last week...with the awesome dream and she has the son that is a returned missionary and blah blah blah...well we were teaching her a lesson this week and she was like...oh by the way i am already baptized...................................i was like...............huh?? oh man. sister fernandes and i are still weirded out. she said that a week or so ago her son found a picture from her baptism. her dressed in white with 2 missionaries. it was years ago, but she doesn´t remember anything. literally. so strange right? oh man. nuts. i don´t even know what else to say...

sister fernandes and i had a cool experience earlier this week. sister fernandes taught me the primary song "we´ll bring the world his truth" in portugues. and i sing it everyday. all day. well we were walking to an appointment on friday night and i was singing it to sister fernandes because i have it down pretty good. and then i was trying to sing it in english and i forgot how it started! straight up forgot!! so we were laughing super hard because i was having a internal language battle...anyway...this man called out to us from a bus stop that we passed. and he waved at us to come talk to him. and he asked us why we were so happy. we started talking to him and he was saying that he was in a fight with his wife and that he had all these problems going on and all he wanted was to be happy like we were like...well we can help you with that good sir. haha. he said that when we walked past him he felt this power pass by. kid you not. he said that. sometimes i forget how sacred my call is here. i am a representative of Jesus Christ. i am called to act as he would act and to speak as he would speak to the people here. such a blessing ya know? the man´s name is jonas and he looks like lionel ritchie. he asked us if we would call his wife and set an appointment to come teach his family. of course we said yes. we called her and set an appointment for saturday. saturday evening, we went over to their home and taught about the restoration of the gospel. it was jonas, his wife gio, their son and gio´s brother-in-law (who looks like chris humphries). the lesson was perfect. not perfectly taught, but the spirit was perfect. it was so strong. my favorite part of the lesson was when sister fernandes said...i know that you have all felt the spirit testify of the truthfulness of our message tonight, because i have felt it too. and gio just nodded and her brother in law said, "com certeza." which means absolutely. it was so intense and i got the chance to invite them to baptism right then and there. and they accepted. but, only the brother in law came to church the next day. we will continue too work with their family during the week and i will give you an update next week of course! 

this week flew by and i can´t even remember anything else that happenend...hmmm...oh i had another encounter with the albino lizard. but it was outside this time, so no worries. 

amo voces! eu oro por voces todos os dias!!

sister myers

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