Monday, November 26, 2012

heeeey you is it going? how was thanksgiving?

for my brasilian thanksgiving-i had a wonderful mcdonalds dinner which i ate at the bus stop...too bad my bus arrived halfway through my thanksgiving meal and i had to finish it on the bus, pretty much barfing as i ate. got a good mental picture going on? great.

sister fernandes and i went to the mall today in search for some summer clothes...because summer has arrived and i was def not prepared...i´ve been wearing pretty much only the dresses that tay sent me while i was in the MTC in provo. but i found some new stuff that will work perfectly. so i´m basically the happiest girl in santa catarina with my fancy new clothes and a skip in my step.

i sent you ALL hand written letters with little surprises last pday...the mail lady told me in would take 15 days to get to you should be getting them nest week! get excited folks cuz you are all about to get some mail...and you have my permission to sing the mail time song from blues clues when you receieve them...i don´t know...just seems like the right thing to do....sabe?

so i´m pretty much speaking português by now. it´s unreal how i can understand and finally express myself. kind of. i can always get my point across, but it doesn´t always sound the prettiest. yesterday we ate lunch with irmão neidson, he is the 2nd counselor in our bishopric. he is the one that looks like george clooney. straight up. anyway- he loves english and he learned a little bit during his mission so he always wants to talk to me in english. (it´s soo funny- when someone finds out i´m from the US they try talking to me in english, i think out of courtesy. but i always respond in português...that´s one example of how loving brasilians are...they serve everyone!) anyway- back to george clooney...he asked me to say a blessing on the food in english...and i was like yeah for sure...andddddd...guess what? sounded like a 2 year old. full on. i haven´t prayed out loud in english for like almost 6 months ya know?? and it was the weirdest thing...i said like 10 words in português and kept correcting myself. pretty sure i wanted to die in that i don´t even know who i am anymore...haha...pois é...

this week, like the majority of others...has been challening with out work. we just cut everyone we´ve been working with.  it´s like we will get to a certain point with a family, or someone and then they are like...tchau, eu vou ignorar vocês...tipo agora. it´s super strange...but i literally am learning so much, mostly i learn how crappy of a person i am...ya know? like selfish and ignorant and natural. but the cool part about the mission is you have time to not only learn new things about yourself and how you want to be- but you have time to become the person you want to become. everyday i pray to become more like my Savior, to understand as he does and love as he does. i´ve been reading the book by Russel M. Ballard called, "Our Search for Happiness" it´s been great for me to understand why things are the way things are. the cool part about it, is it is written to non-members. so everything is super simple and explained really well. it has motivated me in many ways to be better, and to understand how we can be happy with the gospel and WHY is makes us happy.

as far as news!!! this week marcos, an investigator of the other sisters was baptized! and guess who baptized him?? ADRIANO!! it was super legal...he memorized the baptisimal prayer and everything. it was awesome to see him using his priesthood and taking it very seriously. i´m glad sister fernandes and i met him that day in the´s super crazy to see how different his life is today compared to 2 months ago. 

i can not believe it´s almost! my life is so crazy...i STILL feel like i´ve in a dream. it´s nonsense! i don´t think it´ll ever feel real. transfers are two weeks away...i don´t know if i will stay another or not. i kind of hope i do so you can meet sister fernandes via skype at christmas. i want her to hear neil jamming out on the guitar. i hope neil serves in brasil, because i seriously don´t know how many times people ask me if i can sing..................hahaha. and i´m like no! i can´t ok! haha. i guess a lot of american sisters can sing well so everyone expects me to be belting out carols of an angel or something like that. it´s hilarious during sacrament meeting everyone sings super loud and super...different...hahaha i will miss it for sure. cuz everyone has shame to belt it out in the US but it´s like the louder you can sing off pitch the better. haha. well i have a lot of schnanigins planned for this week, so i hope i have good news for you all next week!! i will let you know :) enjoy all the pics! 

keep praying for all the missionaries in the whole world!
"i hate all the orphans in the whole world!" eh? eh? what movie?! too easy.

sister myers    

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