Monday, November 19, 2012

well well well...hey you guyyyyyyys!

ahhh so you should be proud to know that i am pretending to be senior companion for the day! sister fernandes and benefiel went to the doctor in another city today so sister oliveria and i are passing pday together. she has one week in the field. she is really cool though...she has been a member for only 3 years and has a brother on a mission in Loundrina, Brasil. she is from a city named natal...which means christmas. it´s northwest brasil where it is really really really hot and where people talk super fast and the accent is really different. but i can still understand her...most the time. haha

as for this week, nothing grandão happend...except a guy kissed me! hahaha. ok this is the brasil when you meet someone you usually give a beijo. everyone does it. even at church the married couples are kissing other married couples and it´s super´s funny to imagine it happening in our ward huh?? haha but anyways...of course as missionaries we can´t kiss the men, just the women. we were at Raquel and Sandro´s house...some of our investigators that we had to cut...infelizmente because they weren´t progressing anymore :´( but we stopped by to invite them to stake conference. anyway while we were there a bunch of their friends showed up to spend the night and the first two were women so i said hi, and gave them normal...and the 3rd person was a rapaz...younger guy like my age...and he just comes in super normal and steals the show. aka kissed me. haha it all happened so fast and like 2 seconds later i was like...i just kissed a guy. hahaha. it was super funny. but it´s just a part of the culture here so it´s was only weird to me- and to him when he went to give sister fernandes a beijo and she was like actually i can´t, i´m a missionary.........haha ah ah. my life. 

something cool that happened this week! i found out that marcia knows derick bernatz -when he served in santa maria. (marcia is the woman in the red dress that is sitting on the couch with me and the other girls...i sent the picture in an email last week or the week before.) anyway she said that she posted the picture of us on facebook and derick commented and said that he knew me and that we were pretty much cousins. super funny how small of a world we live in! i guess he had a really strong connection with her family because she was just crying telling me about him. it is insane the effect one missionary can have on a family. marcia is so special and luckily derick was able to strength her testimony and her family because he chose to serve! super rad! 

i know this is the shortest email in history, but we are running like crazy today! i am sending letters to each of you today! so get excited!!

love you so much it hurts!


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