Monday, November 12, 2012

hey guys! 

sorry i´m emailing so late today! i´ve been a little sicky this week and today was the worst of it. i just have nausea like crazy. not a big deal or anything so don´t worry! i think it has to do with the change of climate here for summer. it´s gotten hot pretty quick and were out walking around in the humid air sweating like straight up sumo wrestlers all day sooo it´s fine...haha i´ve been taking medicine for the nausea, which i hate doing because it makes me soooo tired! and i am pretty loopy on it. i guess the good part about it is it makes me pretty fearless and i talk a lot more so it´s good practice for the language. haha. i´m sure everyone will remember the american sister who was high all the time...haha inappropriate? i´m hoping i adjust quickly and the nausea passes. 

highlights of the week: 

1) we found a fat frog in our house this week, i captured a photo...i will attach.

2) i got a package from randi rose and letters from all the Dunns!!! Sister Fernandes loved the gummy worms- thanks sooo much rand love you!!!

3) Sister Fernandes and i spend all day in the streets talking about what if all the dogs of brasil were members of the church and had their own little doggy land of the church. we get pretty creative......k i didn´t even realize how weird that sounds until i typed it out just now. i think i´m going crazy here people...heeeeeeeeellllpppp...

anyway- something that i love about mission life is that everyday is planned out but everyday something super unexpected happens. you never know who you are going to meet, who´s house you are going to end up going into, or what person you are going to help. this week we decided to visit some old investigators from our area book. one of our appointments fell through and we were close to a street where a woman named maria we decided to swing by real quick and see if we could catch her home. neither of us had ever met her before so we didn´t really know what to expect. she was home and invited us in. (here in brasil it is super common to have one "house" that a whole bunch of people live in. for example...a mom and a dad have a house, and for each kid, they have a room and when the kid grows up an gets married they build on a room and stay there...and they just keep building on and on and on and it´s literally one house but looks and seems more like an apartment complex.) anyway- maria´s house was like this. we started talking to her and she told us that her husband passed away four months ago. we started talking about the plan of salvation and she was loving it. it was going well, super normal lesson...when all of a sudden...her kitchen burst into flames...

just kidding...the truth is that her friend Alex came in and joined us. there were a bunch of people walking around the house and coming in and out...but after Alex came in and sat down...everyone else started to come in and sit down too. it was kinda weird but we kept on talking and everything like normal. but i guess everyone from maria´s family knew that alex was about to put on a show for us...and that´s why everyone came in. after a couple minutes of listening alex asked what our names were...we responded...he started out by saying that it was rude of us not to share our first names...and i was my mind...something bad is about to he starts going off about anything and everything you can ever imagine. saying all of this crazy stuff that he has "heard" about the church. he told us that we were brainwashed since we were children to believe the things that we say we believe...anyway. it was pretty entertaining to say the least. he is an evangelic preacher and was throwing out the weirdest questions every 3 seconds...and i was just sitting there like is this really happening? honestly i was pretty excited because i understood everything he was saying! i even told him that when he took a second to breath...everyone laughed- so it was a good little comic relief. anyway the whole time i sat there as he was ripping to shreads everything i know and believe...i made sure to have a little smile on my face. because bless this man´s heart. because there he was three times my age, sitting there screaming his guts out at two young girls, trying to cast the hell out of us basically. but calmly- we shared our testimones about the things we know are ture. and i told him that it was great that he was so passionate about his beliefs because so many people today don´t believe anything and don´t respect our Heavenly Father or Christ at all. and to top it all off...he asked if he could close with a prayer...and we said sure....and he starting screaming an yelling and everyone in that house was screaming AMEN and shouting hallelujiah...and i was afraid to open my eyes to be honest. after his prayer, he asked sister fernandes to pray. and she accepted. it was like he was starting prayer battle and i was like...what the crap is going on. haha but sister fernandes prayed the most humble, sweetest prayer. no one yelled. or shouted or fake cried. and it was like a black and white difference. it was a cool experience for me to be reminded of the role of the spirit. we are so blessed to have this gospel people! soooo many people are so confused and luckly we don´t have to be!!

out of time- love you all!!!

sister myers    

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