Monday, November 5, 2012

hey suckers!

how is life? i loved all the halloween pics from tay and mitch! and neil´s new haircut is looking pretty snazzy! congrats you guys. just congrats. guess what? i didn´t get transferred. i´m still here in good ole´ balneário camboriú. i don´t know if i will stay here for a whole transfer or get transferred out one ever know. but i´m happy. i like it here. and we finally got desks for study time so i´m just a happy little camper. this week has been crazy! sister benefiel got here 2 weeks ago when sister silva left. she is from washington state. she is HILARIOUS. she is seriously lorin thompson. it´s been a huge blessing because she has helped me with so many things. she has a year in the mission and already graduated from nursing school and byu-i. she is about to train for her first time and is really nervous. but i know she will do great. 

as far as investigators...we have been working with a family bem chique with two daughters. the mom´s name is Christiane and the dad is Jailson. Jailson isn´t too excited about us, but the girls are awesome. Christiane, Cíntia e Janína have been at church the last two weeks but yesterday they didn´t we are going to visit them tonight. we work a lot with inactive members because brasil is stocked full of them. i swear 5 times a week a person will stop us on the street and be like, "ugghh where is the church?" and we tell there and there like, "oh yeah i got baptized 15 years ago but never went back..." it´s crazy. but desire is something that is difficult to help people develop. especially when it comes to the gospel. you can´t make anyone do anything they don´t have the desire to do. you can only try to use your own testimony to spark the desire in the heart of someone else. i´m glad i have the opportunity to be here...because i swear everyday i learn something and i´m like ok i gotta write this down cuz one day i´ll need it. 

i have weird dreams everynight´s super funny. i dreamt the other night that i was home with all of you guys! but don´t didn´t make me sad- it made me happy because it felt like i got to see you all for a little bit! i do get to skype at christmas! so we can look forward to that! love you all and miss you bad!!!

a HUGE lesson i learned this week is about change. so many times in my life i remember thinking...i don´t need to change. people just need to love me, and accept me for who i am. but this week i had a huge brain exploding revolution that leads me to believe otherwise. the world says- never change! (reference every yearbook entry ever written) people should love you no matter what, be yourself, do what you feel like you want to do! blah blah. but- that is not the plan of Heavenly Father. the only way we can progress during this life is by changing! when we choose not to change and become better, we are choosing to not fulfill our purpose here. change is not easy. it´s not comfortable or always fun. but i know that when you push yourself to change for good, Heavenly Father will always help refine you in the ways the you need to be refined. I love the hymn Redeemer  of my has a line in there that says...Chasten my soul, ´til i shall be, in perfect harmony with Thee. THIS is the plan of God. to let the gospel of Christ change us, refine us, chasten us until we can live in perfect harmony with our Father in Heaven...forever.......FOR. EV. ER. (shout out sandlot)

sister myers

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