Monday, December 3, 2012

hey guys! did you know it´s december? like...when did that happen?!

i don´t have a ton of new updates or anything. sister fernandes and i are just trucking right along. we met a lot of new families this week and it exciting to have new people to teach! for sure was needed...

one thing that was cool this week was that i made my first bus contact. haha. sister fernandes said that she will record it next time and i can send it to you! but it was super cool. we were on our way to lunch and had to catch a bus to a neighborhood called barra. there were only like 20-25 people on the bus, but i was like...what the heck. might as well just take the plunge. so i stood up and went to the front of the bus and just told everyone about the love of christ and the book of mormon. i held a picture of our savior in one hand and a book of mormon in the other......about fell over 56 times but was good for me, because it def wiped out any fear i had of speaking in front of people about these sacred things i know are true...ya know? sister fernandes has been telling me that i need to make a bus contact for a while...and i was like nope...i´m not going to do it...cuz in a way it like makes everyone feel uncomfortable and usually no one gives their information...but this week i was like...why not bust out some português skills on the bus and preach some repentance? and afterwards i had an adrenaline rush for like an hour. and besides the point of making a contact on the bus isn´t really to set up a bunch of appointments but to get the word out, plant some interest, and kill the fear of doing our job. cuz sometimes...(cough-all the time-cough)´s an intimidating work. 

in other backpack already molded, i mean i lasted 6 months...that´s pretty good. but i bought a new one today. it´s kind of plasticy/leathery and should hold up pretty good. i hope.

when we were at the mall today, an automatic door shut on me. i guess no one respects the command "open sesame" anymore? what is this world coming to?

as for questions i have not been answering...sorry!! i am eating really normally. every meal is usually the same. we have some type of meat or chicken. some type of pasta. some type of potato salad which they call "maionese" and usually if were lucky some type of green salad, they separate on one plate they will have leaves of lettuce, another plate will have sliced tomatoes and another plate will have like carrots or something else. lunch is always super heavy and i have finally adjusted to just eating one meal a day. and no matter how much you eat the irmas always say....."come mais sister! come mais, você não come nada ainda...você não gosta de minha comida? você quer mais alguma coisa??!!" like- eat more eat more! and i´m like...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. def apprieciate lunches with members but i think i miss eating with my free agency more. haha. oh brasileiras oh how i love them!

elder koch invited us over for christmas, he is an area seventy that lives in our ward. he has a daughter that lives in provo and is going to BYU with her husband. we have transfers before christmas so we´ll see if i stay or head out to another city. can´t believe how fast christmas is going to sneak up on us!

i´ve been reading mitch´s old planner like crazy this week! he gave me the planner he used his last transfer during his mission. it had a ton of goos quotes in it and it is funny to look and all the little things he noted and totally feel his pain!! haha there were a couple days in a row where he didn´t teach any lessons and all the numbers were 0...and he wrote a little note that said..."yep another one of those days"...i laughed when i read it and now i totally understand the life of a missionary. my district leader said this week the sooner that you realize your life as a missionary only creates joy- the sooner you will be happy and actually fulfill your purpose. truth. one of the quotes that mitch had in his planner was this...."you learn to be by being, you learn to do by doing." we all have this vision of who we want to be or become in this life. but the vision of what we want is useless without action. we can only learn to be a better version of ourselves by BEING a better version of ourselves. 

shout out thanks to jack mitchell, young wise grasshopper. "you da man...well sorta"  

i´m gunna hurry and write all of you an email individually...

sister myers

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