Monday, December 10, 2012

ola família! 
tudo bem com vocês negas?! hey family! remember when we get to talk here in like...15 dias?! wahooo! vai ser legal não vai?! 

this week seriously flew by. i don´t even remember what happened. all of a sudden i woke up and it was monday! we´ve found new families this week and started teaching some really cool people. 

namely- Matius e Gabriely. Matius is super cool, he was wearing Lakers basketball shorts when we met him and he reminds me a lot of johnny! Gabriely is such a doll and has already read the book of mormon before! she said that when she read it before she never had a doubt that it wasn´t true. we´re super stoked to keep working with them! they have a new baby girl! she is teeny teeny tiny. i think she is 5 or 6 months old. she has huge blue eyes and it´s funny cuz she just stares at me like i´m a different species, but Gabriely says it´s because of my blue eyes! she recognizes that they are different than others. funny huh? anyways- Matius and Gabriely aren´t married on paper, but asked a lot about the standards of marriage and family. i love teaching from this direction the most because really the point of the gospel is to receive blessings as a family. we´ve already talked about getting them all married proper and what not, and i just hope and hope that things keep going smoothly. 

People in the street are the funniest. I think have finally gone insane here in the mission. At first you are shy because of the culture and language barrier...and then times passes, you start going crazy and then you have the phase where i am in now, the no shame phase. So far it is the best phase. Because you can say what you are thinking and ask what you want and it feels so brasilian and so great! So many things happen that are so funny like i can not even express. Yesterday in the street this crazy man stopped us and was talking to us about these wars that he was in and told us about the people he killed and he had a little bottle of some type of alcohol and he was using it like nasal spray. can read that last line again....nasal spray. He was telling us all the health remedies that will help you live super long...haha but then he kept saying that he is 70 some years old and wanted to die yesterday. ohh and another thing that is funny here is- everyone says they can speak english...everyone...this old guy too! haha and when i say that i´m from the US they are like...I NO SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH NO. in the most awful english you have ever heard. haha it seriously has happened like 15 times já. 

And to top it all off, yesterday we met another "missionary" in the street for the church Assembléia de Deus. super popular here. oh what a delight that was. he told us that he has the gift of healing and that he could heal us if we wanted. we declined the offer. but he invited us to go with him to the hospital this week and witness him perform miracles so that we can believe in the power God has given him. this offer was too good to pass up. so if i live until next pday i will write you and tell you all about it! I have never been so confused in my life talking to him, it is so sad that people have everything so backwards. He kept telling us that everything with God is a mystery, and that we will never know the can people live like that? Thinking that we have to go all of our lives confused and our only hope is to seek people to cure us? I asked him how he got the power that he has and he pointed to a mountain and was like, one day i went up there and prayed and then i received it..............................and he said that sister fernandes and i could do the same thing! just gotta pray folks! just pray- and boom powers!!!! haha but all jokes aside......crazy right??

Tomorrow we have our Christmas Conference in Florianópolis. I am so happy, because i haven´t left this city for 4 months and i´m starting to feel a little clostrophobic. AND this is the last week of this transfer, my 3rd :) Maybe i will be transfered before Chritmas, maybe not. Maybe i will stay here in Balneário forever. But you will know as soon as i do next week :) ok?! ok.

Did you all get my letters? Are you happy?!           

How is everything? I want snow. Send me some? 


Sister Myers  

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