Monday, December 17, 2012


 halfway in panic mode because our conversations have been off the past few weeks! i need to know if you guys want to talk on the 23, 24, or 25 (we have the option any of these 3 days!) and what hours! please send me an email with all our your cell phone #´s!! i remember mom´s and dad´s only!

sister fernandes got transfered :( :( :( :( :( :( but i am staying in the same area...again! my new comp will arrive late this afternoon and her pday will be tomorrow. so i will check my email again tomorrow just to get all the info i need from you guys!! tá bom?!

i got your packages!!! and i couldn´t wait til christmas so i opened everything all at once! LOVED everything! thankyou so so so so so so much!!!! best christmas ever!!! the trail mix and cookie crisp were my faves def! i have shared everything already so everything is almost gone! haha not guys sent enough to feed all of africa for a year!!! LOVE YOU! 

Beatriz was baptized on Sunday and i gave her the cinderella PEZ as a present :) of course she loved it!! thanks mom!

At our chirstmas conference we got a list of movies that we can watch the day of christmas!! Each missionary gets to choose 2! I think i will choose Brave and Madagascar 3 :) 

so i don´t really believe you guys exist will be oh so weird to talk to you next week! i´m so happy and a little nervous at the same time! i´ve had some crazy homesickness here ya know? and i´m just worried talking to you will break my heart! but i´m really excited at the same time to see you all via skype and actually catch up on everything that has been going on in my life!! can´t wait! 

this week was crazy because we had a conference in floripa on tuesday and then we had to get Beatriz all interviewed up with the elders. Beatriz lives in a neighborhood called Arrirbá and it is at the top of this HUGE hill/mountain. Sister Fernandes and I are used to it because we visit her and her family a lot one or two times a week...but this week the our zone leaders went with us so that Elder Perren (he´s from Fruitland, Idaho) could interview Bea. You should have seen those Elders trying to climb the hill to her house! haha. Super funny.

I taught the McDonald´s rap in English class this week. I filmed it and am trying to send it to you guys! It was HILARIOUS. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did. haha. I hope it works!! Let me know if you can´t open it and i will try again!

The new comp i am getting was companions with Sister Fernandes in the CTM. Her name is Sister Sá! You will meet her on christmas ok?! Sister Fernandes says only wonderful things about her so i am super excited for her to arrive. She is from Brasilia! Where Houst served his maybe she knows him? haha ya never know...

There was a lizard in my room last night. They are everywhere now because of summer. Bugs and lizards and creepy crawlers like you have never seen. It´s insanity. Not to mention I look like i have the chicken pox again on my legs...i use bug repellant every night but still...pois é of the missionary. 

Well i have stories to tell but i want to save as much as i can to tell in REAL LIFE! Next week!! Ok? Hope all is well! Love you all!!
Sister Myers

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