Monday, September 3, 2012

hey beautiful family of mine...oh what a week i have had!!!
so since i´ve been in the field, i´ve only had two pathetically crying out of frustration stories. one on the first day due to i don´t know...the stress of everything probably and the other yesterday. so brasilians are a very "embrace emotion" type of people you know...which is great. but let me tell you what happened yesterday. so sometimes i am ashamed to talk because it takes me 5 min to ask if i can use the bathroom...and during our meeting with the ward mission leader he gave me a hard time about it. and thats fine. i like jokes and all but i was kind of stressed for a sec and then went off on a brain rant about how i will never learn how to use a present subjunctive correctly in portugues and i will never know how to write a letter in portugues...blah blah blah. and when the ward mission leader (Ajubê) said the closing prayer, he asked for a blessing for me to learn the language and to have the spirit to comfort of course i start crying. and i can´t stop. and the other meeting start...and i can´t stop...and i cry for full on 2 hours straight. like the saddest little american girl you ever saw. but every single person in my ward was hugging me and kissing me and telling me they loved me and that i was beautiful and all this great stuff and it just made me cry harder and harder. and needless to say it was quite the little episode. and as soon as i would regain composure, some sweet little brasilian woman would come and hug me and it would start all over again. nossa. but then the greatest of all greatest things happened...
i was in the bathroom with sister fernandes...who wasn´t really helping because she was just saying it is good to cry jsut cry! cry it out! and i´m tell me to get my act together! haha and the other sisters came in and were like sisters! your investigator is here! and all of a sudden i was like the most joyful person on the planet. so we ran out and say or most perfect, beautiful, investigator, Lannyha! she is seriously unreal. i can´t even explain to you what she is like...she is like 65 years old and she looks like granny coats not even kidding! she has a hogg nose ya know??!!! and the woman is crazy like literally out of her mind...for example...we go over to her house one night and she answers the door and is just not even wearng pants and she has like a fro and she is like cooking us a cake and yelling at her dog and the neighbors all at the same time and she is making us eat more and more and she is showing us her house...and the whole time she isn´t wearing pants...and it is insane and hilarious...and she is making me speak english cuz she says it sounds like music. and she is awesome. anyway...she has had a lot of things in her past that make her life ugly and sad. she had an abusive spouse for years and years and her daughter is wild and she just has a lot of baggage. but she has so much faith. she knows the bible, and she loves God. she said that the day before she met us, she prayed for help and she prayed for guidance in her life. is was prapared tp recieve us...and the funny thing is we were lost when we met her. Heavenly Father is funny like that huh? anyway...she came to church. she made like 5 comments during sunday school. and she lover sacrament meeting, which was testimony meeting. and she held my hand the whole time. and i didn´t even start crying once.
i am so excited for her progress. she will be baptized. she is so legit. 
something funny really quick...the bishop of our ward look like elton john, and the first counselor looks like george clooney. not even kidding. it´s so funny to see people here and think they look like a brasilian version of someone from home. the other day i saw a brasilian tanner thompsen (you know lorin´s older brother)...and i was laughing super hard, it was spot on.
i told sister fernandes about when i was little and i would gt so frustrating learning to read and i would say "that don´t make no sense!!" cuz not even kidding eveyday i feel like that with portugues...and so now i say to her "não faz sentido" and we laugh and laugh...cuz it´s better to laugh when you know you´re stupid than cry.
so today is pday and we are going to´s a brasil version of walmart...rumor has it they have peanut butter we shall see.
so i am almost out of time and i need to email president still...i have another awesome story about another one of our investigators names Raquel. she is awesome! i will tel you next week about her progress and everything...she was sick and her cousin´s husband called us to see if we coule set up a priesthood blessing, so we went the next day with Ajubê, she was in bed strapped up to a oxygen tank and just miserable. she has problems with her respiratory system i think...anyway we went back a few days later and she answer the door and was walking around, not on oxygen anymore and bam. healed. power of the priesthood+humilty and faith=miracles. so we started teaching her and she is progressing really well. more about her and her family next week!
love you all...sorry for typos...i´m typing my fingers raw here.
myers forever!!
sister myers
p.s. pray for my investigators...don´t worry about saying their names right...cuz i don´t even know how to...bless my heart.

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