Monday, August 27, 2012

hey guys-

life just keeps getting better and better here in the field! we are getting the hang of this area and finally know our way around...a little bit. haha dad- i thank you for my keen sense of direction because it really helps out everyday. sister ferndades is more than impressed when i know where we are. she is a great trainer and is really head on herself because she wants to be a perfect example...i help her out a lot. we work well together because we are both flexible and willing to do work! vamos fazer bem! that´s what i always say...haha not really correct in portuguese....but..."let´s do good!!" 

so this week was our first week teaching english class at the chapel. and since i speak was my job to teach. haha sister fernandes speaks english really really well too but usually the north american sisters teach just because we dont really get to talk that much while we are learning portugues. anyway- needless to say the class was HILARIOUS...probably 4 or 5 brasilians were there...everyone here knows a ton of movies and pop culture-ish stuff in english, so that helps them learn the language. oh- AND they are all over the age of 50 probably...anyway i played this game with them where i wrote a letter on the board and then they had to write an animal, movie, place and name in english that started with that letter. i don´t think i ever laughed harder...when the first person was finished i told them to yell STOP! so they did...and when the first person yelled stop, i said...winner winner chicken dinner! and they all just stared at me like...what the heck? haha so i explained and taught them this phrase. they understood because i told them in Las Vegas they use it for card games and everybody knows Las Vegas...and then i made them repeat it like 7 times because it was so funny. they were like..."winner winner chicken for dinner?" frango jantar? i also taught them "awesome" because i kept accidentally saying it. they loved it. oh yeah...and i taught them some useful things too...don´t worry haha.

mom! i got your letter and pictures! loved it! so sweet! thank you thank you...i put the pictures in my photo album and i show everyone my family all the time. they love you guys, and they love tayler´s hair. they think its a wig...haha

so my favorite story this week- sister fernandes and i had a goal to make 35 contacts one night. we hadn´t made very many contacts in a couple of days so i was feeling a little self conscious with my portugues...sister fernandes made like 15 in a row and so i was like mentally working up the courage. haha...finally i was just like whatever ok...and i stopped this young guy named rafael...he started laughing at my portugues and i was like hey! don´t laugh at me! and then sister fernandes told me how to say that in portugues...haha he wasn´t being´s just funny when an american girl is trying to pour her heart out with her 10 word vocabulary...ya know? anyway he walked with us for a while and we talked about the gospel. he is a really good kid. 19 years old, and know a lot about the bible and the gospel of Christ already. we walked over to the chapel and walked through and told him about our meetings. we taught him a story lesson, gave him a book of mormon, and made an appointment for the next day. saturday we met with him and the ward mission leader (his name is Ajube and he served in florida...HILARIOUS!) we taught rafael about the restoration of the gospel and about how God continues to call prophets today. the lesson went really well and i even taught a few parts. then at the end...i went for the gold and asked him to be baptized. and he answered...but it wasn´t just "Sim" or "Não" so i was or no? haha just kidding...sister fernandes answered a few questions and he said that if he received an answer from God that this was right he would get baptized. i was so excited. but, we invited him to church and yesterday- he didn´t show up. my heart was just broken. but i know that if rafael reads the book of mormon, ponders about the message of Christ´s gospel, and prays about it with real intent...he will recieve an answer. i know that we fulfilled our purpose with rafael because we invited him to come unto Christ. that is why i am here in Brasil. to share what i know is true with others and invite them to do as i have done and accept the gospel of Christ is their lives, that they may have everlasting joy with theis families, forever. i hope we get to continue working with rafael and i hope we can help him understand the importance of our message. if it is supposed to happen, Heavenly Father will provide a way and i know that.

we are working with a few out people too. Lenny (65) , and Giovanna (9)...i will tell you more about them next week!

love you guys! hope everyone is enjoying school....suckers! haha just kidding...enjoy it! and be grateful for all the blessings we have been given! everyday i am humbled more and more and everyday i realize without my Heavenly Father i am nothing.


Sister Myers

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