Monday, September 10, 2012

heeeeey my friends. my fam. my loved ones.
k sorry that i just had a burger and fries for lunch and i am still so happy from it i could do a backflip off the sears tower. and land it. with my eyes closed. so sister fernandes and i are just having a great day. it´s a cloudy day here and we spent all morning cleaning the house. i´m a little paranoid that mold is starting to grow in my we decided to scrub everything down real good today.
please give a shout out to briana bilyeau on the 13th! it´s her 22nd bday and i usually call her but...obviously i can´t this year. tell her that i think about her a lot and i still remember so many funnies memories with her back in indiana! gosh she is hilarious. i love the bilyeau´s!!
ugh- I GOT MOM`S PACKAGE! it only took 2 weeks from the date it got sent from utah! i was really happy. thanks for all that stuff mom. all the missionaries were making fun of me because you sent that pillow...but they are probably just jealous that they don´t get hundred dollar pillows in the mail. haha. i liked the little bracelets and stuff´s fun to have cute little things to give people i meet ya know? the babies (ages 0-10, haha) here are real. they are the most beautiful things this world has ever since. i like kids age 2 the best because they speak portugues as well as i do. ya know? haha. hilarious. anyway- just listening to little kids speaking another langugage is so funny. it seems like it should be impossible ya know? but sure enough...they are speaking portgues and it spounds perfect. it´s unreal. cutest little babies you ever saw. i was at lunch with a member the other day and the dad of the fam taught me how to cut a mango like a brasilian, so i am legit now. and the youngest son came up to me at the end of lunch and gave me this little heart shaped charm...the love of these people is unreal. sorry i keep saying unreal. but i can´t think of any other words right now.
so i had my first creepy animal experience. i woke up in the middle of the night and went out to use the bathroom. i didn´t check the time but it was like 3 or 4 in the morning and i was sooo tired. i was walking zombie style ya know? and when i flipped on the light in the bathroom i saw this huge, fat, nasty, white, albino lizard on the bathroom floor. but the thing is i didn´t really react because i didn´t really know how to. so i just walked around it, used the bathroom. and then i just walked back around it and it crawled up the wall and i went back to bed. when i got back to bed i was like..."was that real? should i go try to catch it?" and then i started to worry about getting bitten by this thing in the middle of the night...but i was SOO tired...i was just like oh well- so i said a prayer that i wouldn´t get bitten by the lizard during the night. hahaha. and i didn´t. someone google albino lizards for me and see if they are posionious?! how do you spell poisonious?!
so i´m not going to lie this week has been mentally challenging for me. but, everyday i learn something new and everyday i feel the love of my heavenly father. sister fernandes tells me that i need to learn patience with myself. it´s easy for me to be patient with others but when it comes to my own faults and weaknesses i just wanna punch myself half the time...haha. i get tired of hearing myself try to speak portugues, i just feel annoying you know? but when i look back and realize that 3 months ago i didn´t even know how to say hi or bye in portugues and now...i can have somewhat legit conversations...i know that the Lord is helping me learn. i know that my job is to listen right now. i don´t need to do all the talking, i need to listen and to let the spirit teach. we had a great experience teaching Raquel and Sandro this week. we were talking about eternal families and the plan of salvation. sister fernandes asked me to explain something and my mind went blank. we sat there for a few minutes in just silence and my mind was just like...ughhhh...i couldn´t think of any words so finally i just reached for my photo album in my backpack and showed them a picture of my family. and i told them that because of heavenly father´s plan for us, i know that i can be with my family forever. it was short and simple but i felt the spirit so strong and i know that what i told Raquel and Sandro is true. i know it. and it is such a blessing.
i love you!! have a great week!
-sister myers

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