Tuesday, July 31, 2012

hey fam! hi hi hi, i love you all and miss the stinkin crap out of you! today is a cloudy cool day in sao paulo and we just got in from running a few errands around the city! thanks for the address tay! i will send you and M a letter today with pics yay! get excited baby girl!! ok so this week...whew it seems like i was just emailing you yesterday but lets see..
i got a letter from greg and his girlfriend bre! and from darren and staci! i am writing them back today so let them know! their letters were so great! i loved them and it really made my day when i received them! darren's letter was so dang funny- so proud of him and staci for getting to speak in sacrament meeting! you guys rock! love you forever!! tell randi and mason hi for me. i love her and constantly tell stories about her and i to my district! so many good memories!
so my roommates- they are angels! seriously so sweet! i learned so funny stuff about them this week. sister m. silvia is from bajia...i dont know how to spell it but it is where sister boone is going to serve...everyone from bajia is really really dark skinned, so sister m. silvia is standing at like 4'10'' at the most and she is just packed full of sassy attitude and speaks portuguese 78million words a minute. anyway...she wears this doorag thing to bed that holds her hair in place so it doesn't get crazy while she sleeps...i always ask her about it because i am so intrigued by that dang thing! haha so one night she said sister- and waived me over...she doesnt speak any english...so i go over to her...and she starts putting the doorag on me. i had to get on my knees and she was just talking in portguese and wrapping my massive amount of hair all around my head and strapping it all under this doorag...i told her eu tenho muito cabeça grande!! i have a fat head!! haha she laughed and laughed, cuz she knew it was true!! anyway this sweet little woman puts her doorag on my head and told me that i could use it and so i did. i slept the whole night in that thing and it was cutting my circulation off the whole time. haha but i didn´t have the heart to take it off. she is just a doll! she is a convert and one of very few members in her family.
my other roommate sister paiva speaks a little english and she helps me learn a lot of portuguese...she is so sweet and this week we were talking about her family. she is the only member and has dois irmãos...two brothers like me! anyway-she was telling me their names and she asked if i knew what her name was. i said no..she said janet jackson. and i was like what??!! and she showed me her i.d. and honest to goodness her full name is janet jackson nascimento paiva. and guess what else...her brother is named michael. she said she hated her name and that her dad loves the jackson so he named them all after them...but guess what? her dad left their family or something because he isnt even around anymore and just left her with that name! i think it fits her in a way...veyr ironically. because she is very timid and shy and lovely. and i dont know...i just like that that is her name.
so there was an awesome talk that we listened to in class this week. it was about the atonement by jeffrey r. holland. it was a talk given to missionary presidents and somehow my teacher had a clip of it. something so important that he said was that many days on our missions we will ask ourselves- why is this so hard? why is the language so hard? why is missionary work so hard? and he said that all doctrine put aside and based only on his opinion- that this life, and work is so hard because salvation is not a cheap experience. life was never easy for Jesus Christ- so why would we ever for a second think that doing His work would be easy? his words really put the Saviors atonement into perspective for me...i learn more and more everyday about my Savior and the work that he had put in for me- now i have a chance to return one tiny tiny bit of the favor. Holland also said- that on those days when we feel the most beaten down, and when no one will listen, and when we are just wanting to throw in the towel- we will get just one tiny tiny little bit of what Christ had to suffer for us. He said that when we feel that- we can begin to realize what the Savior did for all of us. Christ has done the work, he has paid the price, now it is jsut up to us to accept it, and become 100% converted to Him.
every time i learn something new, or get to teach a lesson with sister boone i think man- this sounds good! this gospel studd is really cool! and i think man i want this in my life! and then i think again...oh wait...i already have it in my life! i have had it all my life! haha and it is the best best feeling, to know that i have happiness, i know the truth, and my job is just to find others that want it- and pass it along to them.
p.s. i got taken at the beauty store today...the lady working there just kept piling stuff in my basket and i wasnt exactly sure how to not buy it all- so ugh...i just bought it. i didnt want to be rude ya know? haha...oh man. bless my heart.
p.s.s. myers forever!! love you! talk to you nest week! (my last pday in the ctm) weird!!!
sister myers

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