Tuesday, August 7, 2012

wow- so last pday in the CTM. crazy crazy. we went prosletying for the first time yesterday! with REAL BRASILEIROS AND REAL PORTUGUES!!! hahaha oh man...it was a BLAST! we placed 4 copies of the book of mormon. The people we taught we Dani, Beatriz, Carlos, and Conselo. I loved walking up to a random person and finding something to connect with them about. and then somehow finding a way to say- oh by the way...i represent Jesus Christ and i am here to tell you that your heavenly father loves you, and has created a perfect plan for you and your family to return to live with him forever. man you should see the look on their faces. i love it. the man named carlos that we talked to was catholic but didnt practice. i told him that my first name is carly, so our names we almost the same. he thought that was cool. it's so fun to have the spirit of discernment with you as a missionary, because you look at everyone differently. you can read people's counteances...and you can just look into their hearts. carlos has a good heart. i could tell. i told him that God loves him and always will, and that God wants to be in his life to help him. He believed me- i could tell. and i gave him a book of mormon. i don't know if He will read it...but i sure hope so. We go prosletying (how the heck do you spell that??) one more time next monday....cant wait!!! sister boone and i are beasts!! haha...we like would walk away from placing a book of mormon and wait until we turned the corner and then celebrate like crazy...haha oh the SIMPLE joys of the CTM experience. i've never been to EFY but im pretty sure that the CTM is like EFY on roids. man. it rocks...i am so pumped for the field. our brazileria roommates left today...muito triste...but i do have a brasileria that is leaving the same day as i am to go to floripa!!! we look a like....or maybe i just wish we did...but anyway. she is so sweet and we will at least be comps on the plane ride there...haha cant wait to get to MY TOWN and infect the crap out of it with the gospel!! hmm hmm hmm...what else??
thanks for all the emails...my fam is the best!! seriously.
for our lunch today...irma jardim took us out to a brasilian restaurante. like a REAL tucanos. i tried chicken heart. i started crying is was so gross and i swear i felt it beat in my throat. irma jardim just laughed and laughed. she is a peach. i will miss her a lot. the temple was great today like always...they took the sisters into the brides room to show us and the baptistry! man i wish i could take pictures! there are two MASSIVE mosaques (?) in the baptistry...one of Christ's baptisism and another of the waters of mormon. i want my whole house to be like the sao paulo temple. so beautiful. oh and p.s. one of the elders in my district...his sister and her husband are visiting Rio for 2 weeks...his sisters husband has a little brother here in the CTM as well...so they surprised them and came to the session this morning and were the witness couple. when elder tirrell got to hug his sister...man i just started to cry and cry cuz i wanted to hug my pretty tayler so bad!! it made me miss mitchy and tay- but i just pretended for a second that his sister was tay and the husband was mitch and man even just pretending that made me happy. i hope you guys know that i love the crap out of you.
if i have learned one thing in the CTM it is what it means to be truly converted to christ. before my mission i was so clueless and looking back know i just want to slap myself half the time...k maybe a little harsh...but i have a clearer vision now and i know my savior better than ever. i know that the little things matter. i know that we can not master big or great things until we first master small and simple things. i know this gospel is true. i know it because even when i teach a pretend lesson is the worst portuguese brasil has even heard, i feel the spirit. when i speak of christ, i feel his love. and i know my heavenly father has an infinite love for each of us. i want to live each day to deserve that love a little bit more and more.
i love you. i have and i always will!
p.s. irmao costa taught me how to do a legit karate kick and i have been practicing it everyday. i decided that i want to get into karate when i get home...so tayler...get ready to be my sensay!! (spelling??) haha it is so legit! i told my district that next time they see me i will be a 2nd degree black belt...they laugh...but we all know it's true!! ju-jits-su4life. hahaha.
p.s.s. mom- thanks for teaching me how to fold a killer paper airplane when i was little...it has made me very popular amongst the residents of the CTM.
xoxo para sempre!!
sister myers.

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