Tuesday, August 14, 2012

i made it! i made it! i´m here in the mission home with 10 brand spanking new missionarys! 2 sisters, 8 elders, 2 americans, 7 brasilerios, 1 argentine gangster. couldnt be happier! 

let me tell you a little bit about my last few days...yesterday we went contacting in downtown são paulo. i was excited because i had so much fun the week before and i was excited to spit some port and set the world on fire....right? ...not right. downtown sao paulo is like...the grossest part of the world i´m pretty sure....like....take the worst part of vegas and times it by 75...million. seriously it is just filth everywhere. anyone i spoke to pretty much spit in my face. and all the men i spoke to were disgusting...sister boone and i were frustrated to say the least...because we wanted to leave the CTM with a bang ya know? but we just returned to the CTM kinda sad and frustrated. i was hating on sao paulo a little bit, for being so crowded and having 20 million wild residents, and  not caring about my sweet truths...but then i remembered...i get to leave sao paulo tomorrow!!! 

since ive never been to floripa before i was worried that it would be really similar to sao paulo...but guess what?? best news ever...its paradise. we flew in this morning. i woke up at 3. who does that?? and we left the CTM at 4:30...just a quick hour flight...and as our plane descended into floripa, elder higley (the only other american missionary today) and i were FREAKING out...we were super dorky and yelling in english about how awesome our lives are. hahaha. seriously i saw floripa and just was completely pumped. pure green, beautiful ocean, perfect air temperature....AND we got to walk down stairs off of the plane outside...do you know what i mean? like presidents get to on the movies!!! it was awesome. the lord knows me and he knows that this is the place where i will work the best for him.  seriously....driving back to the mission home i was reminded of all the places i have lived...there is a little bit of richfield, san diego, pensacola, indiana and orem...i saw all of them. it was like i came home...seriously. as corny and cliche as that sounds...but hey im a sister missionary, im allowed to be cheesy right?

leaving the CTM and sister boone was very sad, but- we just decided to put our big girl pants on and we did what we knew we needed to do...get out here and serve our heavenly father.

Presidente and his Wife are beautiful and wonderful. Irma Hernandes said that my portuguese is very good...I know she is just being nice but it still made me feel good...because i have been trippin about getting here and not remembering one thing. 

que mais?? hmmm...im not really sure what going on tonight...i think we will meet our trainers and spend the night here at the mission home and then tomorrow it´s off to my first area. crazy right? i am a real live missionary. no more practice folks...she´s a live one. it´s fine that i have a vocabulary of like 30 words. it´s fine. i´ll just kill them with kindness.

i hope erin, pete, and lorin are all doing great on their missions. remember them in your prayers this week. 

oh and p.s. the first elder i met when i walked into the mission home was named elder mitchell...shout out to meu irmão mais velhor!!

well i never thought that this day would come...i am sitting here literally dumbfounded that i am here. this has just been a dream of mine for so long, but now it´s real. like...i´m actually doing it ya know? who would have thought...

i will write a better letter next week when i´m more mentally aware...my ears still haven´t popped from the flight and it´s like i have tunnels for ear drums right now. haha. i already made a joke to the brasilians in the office...they love me. ok- it was def. a pity laugh but i´m counting it. i´m going to attach pictures...let me know if it works!!

love you familia! you are my light and my life! more later!! 

Sister Myers

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