Tuesday, July 24, 2012

familia!!! tudo bem com voces?! i hope all in well...i thought and prayed for mitch alot with his new job opt. this week! fill me in on how everything went...are mitch and tay in their new house yet? i need the address if so!
let me know when you are getting a package together for floripa! i need a few things if you could send them and i will let you know yay!! 3 more weeks in the CTM!
so this week was NUTS seriously NUTS!!!! sister boone had a cyst on her tailbone and she had been going to the doctor for it a few times but i guess it progressed enough that she needed to get it taken care of at the hospital! so anyway...they night before she had to go...the doctor (who grew up in richfield, he is american norte) told her to soak in a tub...the only tub in the CTM is in the presidents suite...haha so sister boone and i got to hang out in the presidents crib for like a hlaf hour while she soaked, so funny. i talked to sister degn about her family and they have such a nice apartment. it was awesome...then the next day sister boone got called out of class to go to the hospital, i got called with her...but they said i wasnt going cuz i needed to be in class, but sister boone can make herself cry and so she did...and said she needed me to be with her...so they let me go!!! woohoo! we took a taxi to the hospital in downtowm sao paulo...it took about an hour. we had an instructora go with us her name is irma korth. we had so much fun! who knew the hospital could be such a blast. sister boone had to get that sucker drained and the doctor let me watch! it was so cool!! muito legal!! then after the procedure was over...i gave him and his nurse pass along cards! haha i was rocking it. haha i said...para voce e suas familias...for you and your families! haha...it was so fun! and got me stoked for the field!!
sister boone is doing well. no more bumps on her bum.
we also go new brasilian roommates this week!!!! seriously so fun! their names are sister m. silva and sister paiva. they dont speak any english! haha so funny. you would die at our conversations. its more like playing charades than anything! but they help us a lot and they are so dang sweet! sister paive has a teddy bear and she named it justin bieber. she is like 50lbs. not kidding. she is so tiny. they both are. and neither of them are endowed yet. they go to the temple for the first time of thursday...they didn't live close enough to a temple to go through before their missions. they are such sweeties and we are so blessed to have them!
mother- i dont know if i ever told you but i love the picture that you and dad have on your guys wedding day in front of the salt lake temple...where you are both standing there and it shows your full bodies...i remember you both looking so beautiful and i remember that i always looked at your ankles and thought you had the best ankles in the world....well guess what?? in the CTM there are windows down the hallways that show the courtyard and when you walk all you can see in the reflection of your shoes and ankles...and guess what momma!!? my ankles look just like your in your wedding picture. no lie. i look at them everyday and i think of you and i just can't wait to hold you again! it makes me happy that i am like you because i am on a mission and i am like you because i have the most lovely lady ankles you have ever seen. haha. sorry if it's weird...but what else do you expect from me??
tell neil hi and i love him...i am sending him a letter today with a tiny little baby birthday treat! hope he loves it! he should get it fairly soon??
this week was my first time really getting frustrated with portuguese...dad thank you for your email. it really helped me to be calm and realize that it will take a lot of time and practice. everyone says that floripa is the land of beautiful people...i can't wait to get down there! i love the CTM but i am ready for brasilian contact is my LIFE! i can't wait to be a real life missionary! it is just the best thing ever. all the brasilians say that i am so lucky to be going to floripa...they say it is paradise...and then to sister boon they say....good luck and laugh a lot...she is serving in salvador sul. it is REALLY hot there. all year around and like miserable hot. but hey she is from st. george...she should be good. haha.
this saturday is sister balls birthday and i am throwing her a surprise party...it is going to be so much fun. she is a sister in my district. she is addicted to diet coke too so we get along really well. i am having our teacher bake a cake. it will be a lot of fun. can't wait!
i love you all and pray for you everyday. i hope your weeks are good. as i have been feeling a little frustrated with the language this week, i looked for a little pick me up on lds.org. i found an awesome quote from pres. monson...that said something to the effect of...we may think that we are just one person, with hardly any influence and effect in our calls...but we will make a difference, more than we could ever know....because each person we influence, is sure to influence and another and to that person another...and it is endles...all because of us. anyway- that is a loose interpretation...i forgot my notebook to type it exactly. but i have thought about dad's advice a lot here....there are no bad days. thats how i am choosing to live my mission...no bad days. each companion will be my favorite...and hopefully i will be theirs. this mission is already going too fast. and i just can't wait to get to the field and get a crackin!!!
love you. times up, until next week!!!
sister myers

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