Tuesday, July 17, 2012

hey guys!!! what up what up...already another tuesday and i find myself sitting in the computer room, stress level 100 as i type the crap out of this email!! i hate the countdown clock!! it is a stress causer for sure!!
i need my mission address for the mission home in floripa! tay- it should be in my call packet i sent home to you from the provo mtc...send it to me next week yeah.
ok so during the week i make an email list of things i need to tell you guys... so sorry if i sould spastic...k lets be honest. i am these days...
mom-the movie quote was grinch! duhhhhhh! come on! youre killing me smalls!
so my district....oh my...love them. but they full on wear me out sometimes...haha we sit in a classroom for 10+ hours a day together so just imagine the things that come up in convo. this week for example...one elder said...do you ever wonder why there native american had little to no body hair, do you think it was because they were descents of lehi and blah blah blah......and it is all i can do with my loving sisterly voice to not just be like who gives a crap...were not trying to learn about native american body hair amounts here! haha...typing it is sounds funny...but it happens all the time and i die...cuz like lets be honest what investigator is going to be like ya know i believe everything about the book of mormon but im really worried about the amount of body hair that the indians had...like what?? oh my...
sis boone and i were in the farwell play that plays every week for the missionaries leaving the CTM. we had to pretend to me brasilian members in a ward council meeting...i was scared to death. haha but my line was just...na nossa casa! (at our house!) cuz someone asked where we were going to have lunch....haha and then they asked what are we going to have? and sis boone (aka baller) said...lasagna e bolo de chocolate!...haha it was a crowd pleaser for sure. brasilian people love to hear us speak they laugh everytime.
this week i called called a gringo for the first time. it made me sad because it reminds me that im not brasilian...being surrounded by brasilians all the time you forget that you are just a white girl from utah (all the natives call utah the factory, so whenever they ask where i am from i just say the factory...and they know- its funny)
this week also the brasilian elders started calling me lindsay lohan...they ask me if i know her...i tell them yes...cuz why not impress them ya know??
elder ashby from richfield arrived on the 4th of july...its nice to have a familiar face..sis boon and i play pranks on his district all the time, we ask them things like- hey did you elders give blood yet? and they are like no...and were like oh well they just have you give a pint of blood so in case you need a tranfusion while you are in field they just give you your own blood....you should see their faces turn white...haha its so funny. but probably not nice...but you have to find simple things like that to live for here!
there is only one elder that i have met going to floripa with me...he is not in my district either. everytime i tell someone my mission they are like what? where? so it probably doesnt exist...but whatever..tanto faz!
will you check on the mission calls of Jordan Hogan and Dan Bowman...?? i want to hear where they got called! Tayler! ask my old roomates on facebook or something!!
also- mitchy boy! i met a brasilian elder that is here learning spanish and is serving in guate city south! he said that he has not met anyone who has or is serving there...i told him that you- meu amoraoso irmao- served there...then i told him that you would write him a sweet little letter telling about the mission and maybe some advice and a pic from your mission or something...he has helped me a lot with the language so it is the least i could do....write the letter in english or a little spanish...i can help him read it...his name is Elder Altino (all-cheen-o). He is such a sweet guy...mail usually takes like a week to get from the states to the CTM so try to send it quick! thanks brother! you are muito legal!!
also- kaylee sheps address- just look up here moms address in the phone book, and same with jorgs...i have letters for them both!
ok so 5 minutes left...lets see what i can do here...
the devotionals here at the CTM are awesome...the speaker speaks in portuguese and then it is translated into english by another person...it takes a while but its cool. brasilian members are powerful! one speaker recently spoke about the gospel- and related in to a huge boulder rolling down a mountain...he said with each roll the gospel gets bigger and bigger and stronger...he said that as the boulder of the gospel rolls on we can choose to hop behind it, join the team, and help it move down the mountain...or we can try to stop it, slow down is progression...but we know what would happen if we tried to stop a huge boulder from trucking down a massive mountain...we would get crushed. either we help move the gospel forward, join the winning team and crush anything that gets in our way...or we get crushed. we know who wins...we know what we should do, what the SMART choice is...but it is still up to us to do it.
whew...one minute.
love you so much guys! thanks for the emails that i get for everyone! they get my so happy and give me wings to cheer everyone up the rest of the week! i hope you know how much i love you and how much i love this work. i have never been happier!  write me some hand written letters if you get a chance this week! its just fun to get mail- and i havent gotten anything yet...
i love you all! never forget! myers forever!!!
xoxo, Sister Myers

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