Tuesday, July 10, 2012

hi fam. i have good news and i have bad news....first of all...i am loving brasil...it is paradise...second of all...i'm never coming home. sorry.
sorry to disappoint you martha baby but the choo train has left the station. (what moive?) haha...
anyway...i can not believe i have been out here for a month...i cry thinking that i only have 17 months left and then i have to be back in north american forever...waaaah. haha jk love the us too. but brasil and the CTM could not be better!! thank you for all the emails i got from tay, neil, and daddy roy boy...where is mitch??? is he alive?? i need him in my life...and momma where were you this week?? huh? huh?? haha i bet you guys are just way busy...so i will forgive you, but i would love to hear you from asap (as soon as p-day)
so business first..mom could you check on my account at zions and make sure they know i am in brasil so they don't charge crazy fees or close my card since i am in a foreign country. haha just wann make sure cuz it isn't safe to carry around a lot of cash.
also i need addresses for the following people...kaylee shepherd, nick jorgensen, brittany boswell, and randi and mason in san diego...could you guys do some facebook stalking slash messaging to get addresses for me?? thanks thanks thanks. i love you.
so the letter i sent home or maybe it was a couple emails ago...i mentioned a brasilian elder who sounds like bartok off of anatasia...well i taught him how to say...`i give her a hi-ya! and wooopah! and i kick her sir` hahaha funniest part of the week. he left this morning so like last friday i told him that he had to say it to me 20 times before i left...sister boone and i would be walking down the hall to class or lunch or gymtime and all of a sudden i would hear...myers! myers!...`i give her a hi-ya! and wooopah! and i kick her sir`...`i give her a hi-ya! and wooopah! and i kick her sir`...`i give her a hi-ya! and wooopah! and i kick her sir`...`i give her a hi-ya! and wooopah! and i kick her sir.` so funny.
so today we started off pday by headind to the temple at 6. best part of the week for sure. i have had a lot on my mind this week...thinking about the type of missionary i want to be, and the type of person i want to be after the mission.  something that i regret a lot is the way i spent my time before the mission. i see here how much i accomplish everyday, but waking up early, studying the gospel, exercising...etc...i have never felt so alive, or so free and happy! before the mission i was relying a lot on myself to find happiness. i was going through the motions of what i thought would bring me joy, but my heart probably wasn't as sincere as it should have been...why because i was relying on myself...not my heavenly father for direction. here i made a promise to myself. i am turning my life over to god. 100% not 95% not 98% but 100 whole %. because i know that god knows my potential. he knows all that i am, and he knows all that i can become. but i will not get there until i submit my will to his. and that is what i have decided to do...and not just for the next 17 months but for the next forever. i trust him. i love him, and i know that most time i am a snot nose brat, but he can see past that, and he wants me to see past that version of myself and become something bigger, wiser and stronger.

i know he will send the spirit to be my guide as long as i live worthy of it.
i love you all, i want you to be happy like i am here. if you aren't happy...dont turn into yourself, turn outward to others...then you will experience real joy.
i love you, thank you for your examples and prayers! i feel them everyday!!!
Sister Myers

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