Monday, July 2, 2012

hi hi hi
ok sooo much to tell you all and so little time...sorry if none of this makes sense! its all word vomit!!! finally i get to write minha familia and tell them about my crazy brasilian life!!! first of all...brasil is the sickest country in the world...sick as in wayy cool. sis boone and i flew in early wednesday morning and went through immigration...culture shock for sure getting off the plane...two little white girls looking like aliens in this huge dirty airport with massive billboards of naked chicks everywhere...we were like...what the heck did we get ourselves into?? haha. we had to wait for another flight of missionaries...8 elders came in and we greeted them...we were all instant best friends. so much fun. 
i happy happy to celebrate the 4th of july tomorrow. i have a red white and blue outfit for tomorrow and i am STOKED. sis boone and i vowed to sing all the patriotic songs we can think of and speak english all day...nos professoras will not like that hehe. i have never been so proud to me an american as i am this 4th of july.
i havent heard from randi rose...will someone give me an update on her move to san diego? tell her she can email me back...i send her this email every week but i dunno if she is getting them. tell her that i pray for her and mas every night and staci and darren. i love them and miss them and will always pray for them! 
yes, send packages to the field...they take forever to get to the CTM and if they get here once i am gone they have to return to sender back to the US cuz it is too expensive to forward them.
all the brasilians are soo loving and kind. they love americans and talk to us all the time. none of them have very good english...and if they do its just what they have learned from american movies...haha so funny. some brasilian sisters were asking me about my makeup. they were like whoa your makeup is so it a tattoo?? haha i was like no. but they were all touching my eyes like i was an alien. haha so funny. they usually have a group of brasilians sing before a fireside or whatever...and none of them can carry a tune to save their lives...but man o man i am telling you it brings tears to my eyes everytime i hear them sing. they are just so proud to be o membro de a igreja de Jesus Cristo! when they sing, i feel the spirit so strong i am just waiting for the second that i completely combust. its awesome.
this one brasilian elder carries a notebook around and writes down english words whenever he learns them...he came up to sis boone and i will his notebook and said in SUPER broken english..reading off his paper the whole hahaha i was dead on the ground he was so sweet and funny. i was like heck yea lets get 10 pictures elder!! haha. full of love are the people of brasil.
the food here is seriously so good...everyone complains...but i am like are you kidding!!! it is way good...every meal we have meat, beans, rice, fruit, lettuce and fresh juice. mango juice is my fave right now. straight divine! love it. 
one of the sisters in my distric has a diet coke addiction too...she says that they dont have diet coke here but they do have coke zero and it bascially tastes the is pday and we get to walk to cheny's cookie and around the designated area which has a market...she promised to take me to get chocolate and coke. yay!! we are going after i email.
portuguese is coming along...i am surprised at the vocab i have learned. but jsut putting it all together is what really gets ya. haha i say things upside down and backwards but people most get the jist. haha. i accidently said something funny this week....we were teaching and i wanted to tell my investigator that i was the only daughter in my family...instead i said...i have a daughter. hahaha she was like QUE. haha like...WHAT? shes like if you have a daughter you shouldnt be in brasil you should be taking care of her. haha i was like just yeah i dont really have a daughter. hahaha. sis boone and i accidently said that christ suffered for our fish. instead of sins...our investigator lost is and couldn't be serious anymore. lol. good times learning portuguese.
my new district has 8 pessoas...4 sisters and 4 elders. it is even and awesome and the elders are intimidated because we are even in numebrs. lol. so they stay in line...most of the time. we were talking about like weird body tricks that we can do and i showed everyone how my elbows bend differently. like one hyperextends and one is like not even straight (from when i broke it ya know) anyway...they thought it was so gross they said i look like a they made me do the thriller dance with my arms all streched out and deformed looking. lol we were laughing so hard. then i crossed my eyes but kept one straight. they loved that even more. so by the end of the night i was crossed eyed, arms bent, thriller dancing and pretty much started a one woman show for my district. haha they things that you do to stay entertained. haha we don't slack of...we work hard. but when we need some comic relief we know where to turn. sis myers aka circus freak. haha
we went to the sao paulo temple this morning. is was probably the best session i have ever done. the spirit was so strong and i got to do a family name for one of the counselors in my branch presidency. the temple here is gorgeous. it is literally a light is a city of darkness.seriously so beautiful. i think sis degn is going to email you the pic she took of us. anyway when we were walking out we ran into sister tanner....used to be in the general relief society presidency. her and her husband are mission presdients of sao paulo right now and it was like meeting a celebrity to see her. she was so sweet and down to earth and said that we had the light of christ in our compliment you could ever get.
the brasilian missionaries love blue eyes...they think it is so cool. they think its fake. haha i tell them you should see my brother's eyes! and my sister's!! they are bluer than they sky! haha they don't believe that. i mean some people in brasil have blue eyes but mostly it is brown hair, brown eyes and 100 different shades of skin.
see i told you....pure word vomit. i had a lot to tell you guys!!! i love you all. i have 1 minute to wrap up. i hope everyone is good! i pray for my whole family individually everynight. i love to say your names, look at pictures of you and know that you are praying for me too. i feel the strength that i get from your prayers...its weird to explain but it literally carries me through the day. at 630 every morning i hop out of bed smiling and i smile all day long. i know its because i have a very righteous family at home praying for me daily to be happy and safe. i love you all. keep it up.
go to the temple this week! become more and more christlike everyday! love you love you love you
tchou tchou
-sister myers

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  1. I love this freakin blog and so happy I found it. You sound so happy, I'm incredibly proud of you, Carly Mickey!

    Keep posting; I will look forward to reading through these. They are inspiring. Love you!