Monday, June 25, 2012

HEY family, sisters, and friends...
did you know that i leave the mtc tomorrow?? what the CRAP is that about?!! sis boone and i are feeling like we are cheating the system because other people have to stay here for 3-6 or 6-13 weeks! we've been here 2 and we already get to go to BRAZIL!!! freaking sweet yeah?? SING! (that means yes) ok so my portuguese so far, so good. we teach 2 lessons a day to "investigators" (they are fake, we jsut found out) haha but the lessons are in 100% portuguese.  some how we always have things to say. no matter how simple or wrong they may be. this past week i had improved a lot. when i paused, our investigator spoke up and your portuguese has really improved, at first it was like pulling teeth trying to figure out what you were saying...haha i wasn't even offended though cuz i had improved!! haha. sis boone is just a peach, we are so blessed to have eachother. we are stoked about getting to call our mommas at the airport!! :) keep your phone with you mom...tayler text my mom when you get this email so she can check it asap!! ;) i already feel like such a different person. when i wake up i am happy. when i fall asleep i have happy. my life is starting to feel normal this is my life now not just a temp. thing. i have been hard on myself a little bit lately just thinking negatively about weaknesses or other things about myself. but then i realize that those thoughts are not from my heavnly father. nope not him at all. stupid satan...he ruins everything!!!!!!!!!! but i will not let him ruin this for me! this is my mission, and i learned on the first day here and it is up to me to make my mission a "WOW." i have met so many great friends here are the mtc. our branch presidency is great and they are glad we got our visas because they said sister boone and i are too pretty and too much of a distraction to the elders...i just say that it is good practice for them. like come's not like they will only come across unattractive women to teach on their missions?? yeah right...they are gentlemen though. they fight over opening doors for us and taking our trays after we are done at lunch. i always tell them they remind me of my cousin or brother...just so they know i am being sisterly nice and not flirty nice. haha. oh geez...there is one elder named elder otterstrom...he is a saint haha but you know how i love baby otters? i always call him baby otterstrom. (in the funny voice) he gets a kick out of it, as do i. i'm not kidding when i tell you that i am the strangest sister at the mtc. i don't hold any weirdness back. haha well maybe a little but for the most part i just am honest with everyone. it puts people at ease and open them and me up to great learning experiences. one of my roommates is from cedar city...her name is sister barney. she is going to the LA temple vistors center. she knows a lot of people from richfield so we talk a lot. she is HYSTERICAL. i kid you not. i will be sad to leave her. sundays are a lot of work here...we have breakfast, sacrament, relief society, lunch, district planning and meeting stuff, and the temple walk. then dinner, devotional, another devotional, and then a sunday movie. its usually a replayed talk of a speaker that came to the mtc in the past. sundays are very spiritually enlightening...but exhausting. the talk we watched was from david bednar from christmas day at the mtc...he spoke of looking outward to others, before we look inward to ourselves. he compared the natural man to the cookie monster..."i want cookie. i want cookie now!!!" he said...get over yourself. do the lord's work. i wish you guys had access to that talk. it literally changed my life. literally. i have never wanted to be as christlike as i did after watching that talk. he talked about how after christ suffered, he healed the guard's ear before his crucifixtion. he said that christ had just suffered all the pains and sin of the world, and he took the time to fix a man's ear...he didn't heal the hearing of the man- his hearing was was just the outer appearance that christ fixed. christ didn't say awe man my life is hard right now, my life is sad and horrible and everyone is stupid. christ saw an injured man, and healed him. gosh. crazy the amount of love that christ showed to everyone. that is how i want to be! that is what my goal is. to be a disciple of christ and to heal ears (not literally), instead of worry of myself. tell everyone to serve a mission. seriously tell everyone who had a testimony of this gospel to make it known...tell them that sister myers says don't hide your candles any longer!! we don't need any more fires..(i could see the one on the mountain from the field when we play kickball) go forth and declare the gospel! be an example of the excellence and happiness that christ has for his brothers and sisters and the glory that our heavenly father wants us all to gain. sis boone and i will miss our duerden. he is so awesome and we have learned so much from him. he brought pics from brazil to us today. he was sucha blessing to have here. i am going to send a package to tay and mitch's house...stuff that won't fit or is too heavy for my suitcase. you can store it or use it...whatever. tanto faz...!!! ok ok i am out of time! i love you and i will talk to you soon!!! i will call you from either salt lake or detriot!! love you more than ever. be happy. be righteous. and serve the lord daily!!! when you say your morning prayers...dedicate yourself the the lord, tell him..."i want to do your work today. i want to be where you need me and say that things you need me to say" do it, love it. forever!!!!
sister myers

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