Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ola familia!!! tudo bem?!!
i can't believe i am writing you from the MTC. weird right? i have sooo much to say and so little time...there is a countdown on the screen and i have 25 minutes left..lets see. i haven't got my shots yet. they said that they will be $131 and i will get them when i recieve my visa. i was going to remind you about the phone bill so i am glad mitch got his $ for my last bill...for an email list...i got some but have no time to compile it all so i will get it to you when i get into the swing of things more...so i sent home a letter...wonder if you got it yet?? haha sorry if it sounded like a suicide note but my first night here i wrote it and i was SO overwhelmed. haha...its all good now. i've learned so much over just one week here that i hardly even feel like myself anymore. i've taught 6 lessons in portuguese so far...don't ask me how that is possible! but it is getting so fun and i am really enjoying it. at first i was worried about myself...thinking things like....do I really wanna be here...am I even going to be a good missionary...am I having a good time?? but then i looked down at my tag one day and realized my name may come first on my tag but the most important name on my tag in Jesus Cristo! Christ! i am here for him, not for me! and since having that mindset i have just taken it one day at a time and BOOM. wonderful.
My comp is Sister Boone from STG. She is cool. We work well together...she challenges me and we are the only brazilian portuguese speaking sisters so we are our own district and are what everyone labels as "visa waiters" it had been a HUGE blessing though because we have 3 hour language classes with 1 teacher to 2 students....which makes one muito bem at portuguese. haha...well so far i can pray, have cave man convos and bear testimony. that's all you need!
Sunday we had Elaine Dalton from the general YW and Sheri Dew (CFO Desert Book) speak to us...there really is a spirit unlike anything i've ever felt here at the MTC...
Things i need: C batteries...after buying that huge costco pack of doubeA's i realized my alarm clock takes C's...and they don't sell them at the bookstore. I need my pink grapefruit facewash...it never made it to my suticase or i just haven't been able to find it yet. and mom- the long dresses i left...I WOULD give you 6 million buckeroos if you would cut like a foot off of them (so they are to like my shins) hem them and send them to me...dresses are sooo much better...and i have all skirts...skirts make everything take longers...going to the bathroom takes a good 10 mins. and dresses are like a million times more comfortablle to be in all day. tell me what you can do. i really would appreciate it.
I've seen broady bowers and michael chamberlain...and my friend ansley who came with me to disneyland a few spring breaks ago...she is going to taiwan and is here for 12 weeks...9 weeks doesn't sound too bad compared to 12...haha
my approximate depature date is 8/13/2012 to leave the MTC...a lot of Brasil Missionaries have been getting reassigned because of problems with visa...but its cool with me. i know i will get to brasil when the lord is ready for me to get there. 
I live in a building called 17M and i have class and study all say in a building called 8M, Sister Boone and i say it's because 17 miracles happen a day there. haha.
We get $8 on our cards to spend on treats and stuff in the store, the first day i went in and spend everyting :( so treats for sister myers for the rest of the week. :'( but tomorrow we get $8 more so i will budget better.
I LOVED getting your dearelders!!!!!! it was seriously an answer to my prayers...i was a little girl on christmas.
8.20 time remains...pretty good for the first try :)
i'm trying to think what else to say...haha hmm...
next week all the newly called mission presidents are going to be here and so there will be lots of general authorities, apostles, and the first presidency!!! i might even HUG THE PROPHET!!! ok i made that up...but if the opportunity presented itself...i would totally hug him real good! so next week i will fill you in on anyone who had visited, spoken, or that i got to hug :) :) :) :) :)
i had a dream about tayler last night that we got tattoos....hahaha don't ask me why but we got matching tattoos that said "family" but then we showed everyone and they were mad so we went back to the tattoo place and they said that they were just done with permanent marker because they could tell we weren't the type of people that wanted real tattoos...hahaha imagine my poor sister missionary heart when i woke up thinking i had a tat on my chest that said family...haha i die!!
ok ok 2 minutes. i love you guys so much! even more now than one week ago! this life is about progression, having the spirit with us and living worthy to inherit god's kingdom! doesn't get much better than that! this life isn't about this life...this life is about eternity...remember that this week! we are not obedeint because we are blind, we are obedient because we can see!
love you all...more later...i'll write a letter too if i have time!!!
muito amor,
Sister Myers

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